Friday, October 31, 2014

Sweet Pepper: ✿59

Sweet Pepper
Oct 31st 2014, 20:24

Hello, lil peppers!
Have you heard about of the event Hello Beautiful!?

Hello Beautiful! is a monthly event. The idea of this event is to beautify the Toddleedoo, then some ofthe best SL's creators will be participating with items developed especially for the event.
Some of these items will be on sale only during the event, and others have even a limited edition.
So get ready ....

 Because only missing one day to the event start !!!  yaaay
Grand Opening: November 1st, 2014.

See you soon with nice posts about Hello Beautiful!

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Lil Pixel Sir: 54. Profiled

Lil Pixel Sir
54. Profiled
Oct 31st 2014, 15:05

I haven't been to bed yet, so hopefully you will excuse the quality of this post lol!  As I can't seem to sleep, I figured I would do another quick tutorial.  Today I am going to do a very basic profile picture.  Just head and shoulders, nothin too fancy.  But with this I can show you some easy ways to clean up a basic snapshot in your photo editing software.  Before I continue let me just tell you what I am wearing! (Please note, above is the finished image, cropped, most of the clothing items will be seen in images below)

Style Notes

Hat/Hair - Hype - Jack
Booger - Boogers @ Trunk or Treat - Snotty Boogers (freebie!)
Sweatshirt - Winter Ravens - Moustache Sweater White
Jeans - Awwdorable - Ripped Jeans Blue
Shoes - FLITE - Flytops Burgundy

Onto more fun stuffs!!

So here I am, ready to begin.  To make life easier on myself, I have chosen to do this against a background inworld.  This is a fast way to get a nice picture with very little effort.  One method I employ a lot (because I am lazy lets be honest).  SO I am currently standing around just on a platform in the sky, with a wall behind (texture: Skye).  I have also positioned my avatar close to the wall, this makes it easier to create a shadow behind the avatar, rather than having to twiddle with it in Photoshop.  I do advise getting as close to your avatar as you can and getting your settings up nice and high as I mentioned in the first tutorial ( Windlight Tutorial ).  If you are unfamiliar with windlight or graphics settings, please do read the first tutorial before continuing as it will help you a lot with the first part of this tutorial's process.

Our next step is to get a really good raw image.  I will be setting my graphics to high for the purposes of this tutorial, I normally use ultra, so if you can use ultra without crashing, go ahead!
I have zoomed into the avatar so that when I crop it I will get the lowest amount of pixelation around the avatars head (rather than taking a far away shot, cropping just the head and shoulders and increasing the size, this will make it look a bit icky).  In your preferences window, go to your graphics tab and move the slider to High (or what you can handle).  Make sure that you have 'Advanced Lighting Model' and 'Ambient Occlusion' selected.  Also be sure that your LOD is set to its highest (4), so that all your meshy sculpty bits load perfect.

Now go to the next tab and change your 'antialiasing' to a higher number.  The highest you can handle.  I will be setting mind to 16.  This seems like a minor difference, but it subtly smoothes your avatars jaggedy edges.  So less blurring to do during the editing process.. Huzzuh shortcuts!!

On the next tab in your graphics preferences, you want to set the 'quality of the shadows' to the highest that you can handle without crashing.  This makes for much softer, more natural shading.

Tip:  Dont select 'save' on your settings changes.  Just minimize the window so its easier to just 'cancel' your settings and go back to what you had before starting.

Now we are ready to select our windlight setting from your quick preferences.  I will be choosing [AnaLu Studio9].  I find the AnaLu set gives a good amount of shading in natural tones.  However there are so many different ones to choose, find a cool one to suit what you are going for.  I hear girls like pink light ..... o.O
Once your windlight is selected its time to edit it.  Go to World - Environment Editor - Sky Presets - Edit Preset.

All you want to do here is focus on creating that shadow behind your avatar.  You also want to make sure that you do not end up with odd shadows on your face and body.  A place I notice that I often get wierd shadows is either side of the nose and the cheekbones.  All that I have done to get the shadow behind my avatar is move the time of day slider and the 'Est ang'.  Pretty easy!  And already things are taking shape.  So once you have taken your shot, you can meet me in your photo editing software!

So here we are in Photoshop.  The very first thing I do is work out what size I want my picture to be.  You may have noticed that snapshots tend to get a bit squished when you put them into your profile.  The size I normally do for a profile picture is 1024 x 768.  I'm not sure if this is 100% right, but it seems to work pretty well for me.  Go to File - New - Set your dimensions as shown.  Now if you have taken your picture where the HEIGHT is correct and needs no cropping then you can simply change your raw images HEIGHT to 768.  If you need to, crop your image HEIGHT and then change the size to 768.  Go to Image - Image Size.  Make sure that you have 'constrained proportions' turned on and change your height to 768.

Now the fun stuff begins!  Zoom in on your image so you can see everything again (if your image shrunk on ya when you changed the size).  Now go to Filter - Liquefy.  Liquefy is a fun tool where you can almost morph your image, inflate areas, shrink/pucker areas and nudge.  What we are doing is looking for areas where the avatar has a jagged area on its form.  Pay attention to the jawline, lips, hands and nose. Now zoom in on your avatars face.  Nice and close.. make sure you can see those nose fuzzies with the magnifying tool or by typing in z on your keyboard.  Once close look on the left side of this window you will see a tool that looks like a finger ('forward warp tool').  Select this tool and look to the right side of the window.  Here just adjust the 'Brush Size' to about 10, the 'Brush Density' to about 15 and the 'Brush Pressure to 100'.

This part requires a gentle touch.  You don't want to go overboard on this, just make small edits and check what you did every time you unclick your mouse.  In photoshop you can only undo the previous step and starting over from the beginning sucks.  In case you do muck up use ctrl+z to undo what you just did.  What you need to do is take your little crosshair and gently nudge (click and drag gently with small movements) to nudge those areas that look a little wrong.  For me I am editing the jawline a little, the nose shape and the corners of the mouth (cos I want a tougher look :P).  When you have finished, select ok.

Time to work on shading.  Because we have already worked with adding a shadow in the background, we have already skipped a huge step that can be fiddly and lets be honest, a royal pain.  But it is still good to tweak what is behind you a little bit.  So now people, drum roll please!  Introducing my favorite tool... Burn!  Look on your Left side toolbar.  You will see a Symbol that looks like a lollypop or a hand depending how your Photoshop is set up. Look for the Burn tool (the hand you can see selected in the image).

Now all you do is adjust the settings at the top of your screen.  With burn selected you can select what type and size brush you want to use (I am using a blurred round brush), the range (I will work first with shadows), and your exposure.  I always set my exposure low, between 13-20.  Simply put, you can add shading but its harder to take it away.  All I am going to do now is burn in places around the brickwork of the background.  I'm not touching the avatar with this tool at all.. yet.  As you play with this you will see that changing the exposure to midtones, and even highlights can be fun.  Play around painting your picture for a while, adjust the different levels and really get the hand of it.  Pay attention to where your light is coming from and have fun!

Now in the same little menu on the left toolbar select the lollypop (Dodge).  This is one to use sparingly, it is quite a powerful little beast.  But what it does it the opposite to dodge, too much and your picture will loose detail and definition, but used with a light touch it can assist our little burn buddy in creating some fantastic depth.  Doing the same thing as you did with the burn tool, work on adding highlights to your background.  All I have done is lightly swiped over each brick to make it as if the brick has light shining on it and reflecting on the painted surface.  How much, or how little you use of burn and dodge in your background is entirely up to you.  Have a play!

Now that that's done we can move on to tweaking the avatars shading.  Because I don't want to throw too much at you too fast we are going to work only with burn and dodge.  In my humble opinion you can do a great deal just with those two to really push your pictures to the next level.  Take your burn tool and making sure that you have your exposure very low, shade a line just under the chin, just to define that area.  I also like to burn the center of the lips, where they meet, it reddens them subtly and adds some great depth.  The other place to burny burn on is under the armpits, under the arm if it is on your body, and you can even do the folds of your clothes but just choosing a brush size to suit.  Remember.. lay on your shading, don't get impatient and go for more exposure super fast... fastest road to a big splodge on your work.. true story lol.  Have a go at just enhancing the shadows on your avatar. Using a brush size of 12, I will be enhancing under the chin, the line between my arms and my body, the shading on the right side of the whole avatar (light is coming from the left in this picture), a little of the hat and then LIGHTLY enhancing the shadows on the skin that were achieved with the windlight settings.

Same as on the background we are going to use the dodge tool.  Sparingly.  In future tutorials I will show you other ways of doing similar things, I swear.  But this time around, just lighten the highlights gently where you think they should go. I will only be highlighting the hat, part of the clothing and the lips (making the parting darker, and the lips lighter a touch, adds to the contrast and makes them much more visible). Where would the light, from your chosen direction, hit your avatar?  Give it a go :)

The second to last tool I will show you now is the blur tool.  I try to use this as little as I can.  I feel that it can go a long way to making your beautiful detailed image look flat and deflated.  It is good however to smooth out those imperfections that may have been nagging at you.  Like where you have a wrinkle O.O! Or if you are noticing a lot of jagged edges on your skin or clothes then using blur to just smooth those down is a good idea.  Your blur tool can be located on the toolbar to your left, and is shaped like a raindrop. The only blurring I am doing today, with my blur brush set on Mode Normal and a strength of 26 is the jawline, between my lips and chin (I have a line there that is upsetting me!!!) and my left armpit.. its a little jagged due to the pose.  When completed blurring your avatar.  We can enhance the hair a little.  Because I have dark hair, I am only using the burn tool to darken right where the hat would be shadowing it.  I will use the dodge tool to create highlights.  Do this by making thin lines where there are natural highlights already in your hair or where you think there should be some.  Or just enhance where there is a light pool to give your hair a less flat look.

Once you are happy with your hair you are ready to drag your picture onto the new file, sized already for your profile :).  Just Click and Drag on your edited image onto your new blank page and move the image into a place you are happy with.  If you have set your heights on these two files to be the same then you can use 'snap' to make this easier.  Go to, View - Snap, and move your image side to side to get it where you want it.

If you are happy with it, you can stop here.  Save as for Web and make sure transparency is NOT ticked and then save as a png.  All ready to be uploaded.  OR you can add a light effect. :)  Go to Filter - Render - Lighting Effects.  Select your type of light from the drop down (lots of choices!) and move the cross-hairs around on the little preview to get the light how you want it.

So thats it!  You have learnt,liquefy, burn, dodge, blur and lighting effects.  If you are new to editing, Huzzuh! You Rock!.  I hope this was useful and as usual, any questions into the comments and I will try to answer.  Look out for tutorials in the future on other stuffs.

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*Kidz*Worldz*: Watch Out!

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
Watch Out!
Oct 31st 2014, 07:02

Always watch out for scary houses. If you dont like the looks of it trust your gut and pass the house. Dont put yourself in any stressful situation.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colour Me Kawaii: #86 Candyland

Colour Me Kawaii
#86 Candyland
Oct 30th 2014, 19:38

Snapshot_015hey hey hey everyone im uber late posting this (sorry) this outfit was actually something that was meant for lazy Sunday and well (with tons of studying I kinda didnt get to blog it) and welps this super adorable yet silly outfit is a complete outfit and has plenty awesome things thats comes with it :D (glasses, a hat (with an actual spinning propeller), tongue and a ring pop) lols moving on to the hinagiku  balloon horns are so adorable in a weird way and I just seriously kept telling myself I had to find sometime to blog them lols they are like the ultra rare and they come with a color hud (so you get a few color choices) but  honestly I’ve been having the biggest debate ever with myself for a week or so and I decided I was going to officially start a new blog (why..? .. well sometimes when you end things with people you never want to hear those words I did this for her , or having people claim false fame for the things you worked hard for and as a blogger I learn daily you live, grow, make mistakes,inspire and learn… and I just want a blog that feels like its mine… not like its been changed to suit someone like im honestly happy I could get this far…. but meh I rather love my blog and have you guys love it just as much as me but before I get all blah blahs I do hope you guys have a lovely day <3

Hinagiku Balloon Horns – ULTRARARE – Kawaii VS Creepy Gacha Event

+Spellbound+ Sunday // Unrigged – Rainbows

AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Panda Bear

. aisling . NINO Ros – Arcade – September

[TTT] – Lollipop Guild

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Larnia Kids: Trick or Treat 2014 is here!

Larnia Kids
Trick or Treat 2014 is here!
Oct 30th 2014, 14:54

The 5th annual Trick or Treat is officially open!

- 28 treat stations, 5 mini hunt items, all completely free!
- follow a trail across an entire sim filled with halloween and horror areas of all kinds!
- an all new ending area is sure to creep you out!


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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Rest in peace ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Rest in peace ♥
Oct 30th 2014, 05:48

I should be in bed, but I can't sleep.. it's almost 5:30am as I type this and I've still not managed to sleep. So.. defeated, I got up and decided I'd do some blogging.

I'm wearing a Halloween-esque dress from Soken Kids that fits both baby and kid ToddleeDoo avatars. The dress is in traditional Halloween colours of orange and black and has a cute kitty face on the front of it.. with a ribbon and bow directly beneath it. Aww it's purrfect.. get it? Yeah, I'm full of silliness when I've not slept. 

My hair is another style from Cute Bytes, this one is called "BambeeDoo" and while it's not a new style, it's new to my inventory. I love having a longer hairstyle that fits us.. and it's rigged specially for ToddleeDoo avatar, making it a perfect choice. The hair looks thick too, which is different to most other hairstyles I see.

I've got a cute batgirl hairband on from Tiny Trinkets too, which I love. These batgirl hairbands can also be found with orange bows instead and resize easily with a simple click. I really wanted to blog something Batman related with it.. but sadly nothing of the sort happened to cross my path.. so I succumbed and blogged it regardless. I hate when I have an idea of what I want to do with an item and yet I can't fulfill it.. but then on the flipside when I can it's awesome!

This pose I got from Say Cheese I found at Tricky Treats Gatcha Village.. and now in my head I have "Rest in peace" song from Buffy because it just reminds me so much of it for some reason. You all get to listen to what is currently swirling around in my noggin as I write this as I'm including it after the credits.. much to your delight or displeasure I'm sure! 

 Dress: TD KittyBow ALine Straight Dress MESH from Soken Kids
Tights: Bat Tights - Black from Turducken (Trunk or Treat)
Shoes: Lolly - Shoe black from Viv.a! Kids
Hair: BambeeDoo Hairs - Blondes from Cute Bytes
Headband: *Batgirl* Hairband - black bows from Tiny Trinkets
Skin: Baby Mikki from Bad Seed Boutique
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelids/lashes: Mesh Lids and Lashes from Slink
Nails: French Manicure - 1 - ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Pose: ~Casket~ from Say Cheese (Tricky Treats Gatcha Village)

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A Little Ray Of Sunshine: Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

A Little Ray Of Sunshine
Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful
Oct 30th 2014, 02:29

[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Deep Blue Somthing- Breakfast At Tiffany's]

[MOOD: Giddy]

Just another small post showing off the new outfit out at Sugar & Spice! Super adorable and comes with a color chance hud that changes to all these wonderful colors below, as well as navy blue not shown! <3



SKIN: Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~

EYES: tsg. Galaxy – Dark Brown

HAIR: **Cute Bytes** NaneeDoo Hair

HANDS: **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo Hand Poses


OUTFIT: {S&S} Ayumi Uniforms

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A Little Ray Of Sunshine: Potatoes Gonna Potate

A Little Ray Of Sunshine
Potatoes Gonna Potate
Oct 30th 2014, 02:16

[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO:Jason Mraz- I Won't Give Up ]

[MOOD: Giddy]

I am still slacking on the blog flow this week, sorry! Lots of school work and sick child in rl D: BUT These two outfits were new to Enchanted Bowtique last week! Super adorable and perfect for fall! :3



SKIN: Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~

EYES: tsg. Galaxy – Dark Brown

HAIR: .Olive. the Anya Burnt Brown – 04

LASHES: the kid company. lashes. natural. AND *MC*"Falsies" Eyelash

EYE BROWS- Soiree- Sloane Brows #Light Brown

TEETH: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 (With baby teeth ADD on)


OUTFIT 1: ::EB:: Yuna

OUTFIT 2: ::EB:: Zee


POTATO: Birdy – Veggie Pals – Talkative Tato RARE @ The Chapter four

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Petits Choux: I may run and hide when you're screaming my name.........ɞ

Petits Choux
Fashion, fun, and friendship from the smaller side of Second Life!
I may run and hide when you're screaming my name.........ɞ
Oct 30th 2014, 01:09

We're soo close to Halloween! Anyone who knows super well, knows that Halloween uis simply not my thing, I'm pretty much scared of everything, but I do loove looooove to dress up so much. I've been shopping and collecting the last couple days for some cuute costumes from different stores. Let me tell you, there are SO many amazing costumes so today I'm going to show you a few of my favourites!

SO my first costume is from Turducken and it's a SUPER cute costume- a pirate costume. Just one of the few costumes you'll find at the store! It comes with everything you see too. From the perfectly fitted pirate patch, to the pirate that has a built in pose so you can carry it around to even the peg leg which I found sooo adorable. But you have a boot option just in case you're not into the peg leg. Its' such a great outfit if you love pirates! I chose the new Truth hair to complete this look!


For the second costume I'm excited to show you, it's a sea princess dress. If pirate or scary isn't your thing and you love pretty dresses, then this is a costume for you! It's a really pretty dress. You should see the pretty details on the back, they're really gently buttons. The colouring on the skirt is really pretty. The material gives almost a shimmer feel with a bunch of pretty colours. You can find this entire outfit, including the tiara at Lil' Big Me!


If you want to be something scary but want to lean towards cute too, then Tip Toes has a ton of really cute costumes. A few are cute versions that would normally be scary and a few are actually scary! I chose a little ghoul costume. It's soo soo adorable. It's like ballerina meets ghoul! I love the pretty tiara that comes with it and face paint! It really looks like a parent helped put the makeup on! It's an adorable choice! To make this outfit perfect- I topped it off with hair from Magika, like the outfit above!


I was SO excited when I came across this costume. I adored Malificent so so much, so when I was bopping around, I came across Kyoot! Then I saw it... an adorable Malificent costume. It was simply perfect! I love the dress it works so well! The horns and wings are equally as perfect. I paired this hair up with a ploom hair!

One of my all time favourite movies is The Wizard of Oz. Not gonna lie, it scared me for a loong time but it became one of my cozy up movies. When I was searching, I came across a store called Adore! There was an adorable and perfect Dorthy costume. Complete with red shoes, a basket and and aaaaaand a toto! The outfit is so simply perfect and detailed. I just love it and one I'll wear a lot, probably like most of these costumes. So if you're looking for something cutesy and fun, this is a great pick and it looks magical with this Lelutka hair!


If you're looking for something.. darker, but still girly, this will probably be a great look for you! If the black pigtails and black dress wasn't a dead give-away; I'm dressed as Wednesday Adams! You could even go a touch paler with your skin too. This dress is from Cute Bytes and it comes with the socks and shoes too! It's a creepy look, but not so scary, that you won't want to look at yourself! It's a great costume and so well done! The hair I wore is an older hair from Elikatira. If you don't already have it, the one from Chemistry is simply perfect for it! I have it blogged below- a few photos down!


For my last costume, it's a little old, but it's just insanely cute and I had to add it. I think I own it in every colour. It's from Baby Princess. It's find of like a monkey kitty but it's so darling! The tail is cute and I've bopped around in this on more then one occasion and it's a great costume, as long as it's warm out! For my cat/monkey hair, it's from Laviare!


Now, if you're more of a Halloween dress or Halloween Outfit kind of person,... then the next two are more for you!

I thought this outfit was funny. It's one of two versions! This one says ' This is my halloween costume'. The other says, 'My costume is in the wash'! Both are equally as funny! It's from Little Nerds and perfect if you're in the Halloween spirit but not one for costumes! My hair is the new braided pigtails from Chemistry!


To step the look above up a notch and wear something without leggings but in a dress form, this dress from Soken Kids is for you! There are multiple versions of it too, all Halloween themed too! I really love these so much! I paired this perfect dress with a Chemistry hair too! I love it!


I'm sure you'e noticed my really cute Halloween background! The kitty lights are from Windsong, along with the awesome tumbstone, the creepy sign and the Happy Halloween Sign! They're so well done and great to decorate you home/shop with! My kitty is from Boogers and I loove them, they're one of a few! Lastly, my pumpkin bucket is from Snips & Snails! They're great Halloween buckets and there are a bunch of different ones available!

Phew that's it! I hope you pulled some ideas from here, or it even inspired you to search for other costumes from these adorable creators. There are so many out there and they're all amazing!

ʚ.........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Pirate Costume
ʚ.........TRUTH HAIR Demelza -  browns

ʚ.........{Lil Big Me} Sea Princess
ʚ.........Magika [01] Beans

ʚ.......... tiptoes - Little Ghoul {wear me} (unpacked)
ʚ.........Magika [01] Beans

ʚ.........That's So {Kyoot} - Baby Maleficent
ʚ..........ploom. Brooke - Ploomage

ʚ..........:{Adore}:. Rainbow Dreamer
ʚ.........[LeLutka]-FRANCINE hair/Dark Brunette

ʚ.........**Cute Bytes** Holiday Dress - Wednesday
ʚ.........[e] Quirky - Essentials Collection

ʚ.........:*BABY*: MewMew - PinkYe
ʚ.........-LaViere- Miki Browns

ʚ.........[Little Nerds] This is my Halloween Costume
ʚ.........(Chemistry) Hair - Prue

ʚ.........[SKTD] TD KittyBow ALine Straight Dress
ʚ.........(Chemistry) Hair - Violet

ʚ.........*windsong. ; halloween cat garland { white }
ʚ.........*windsong. ; happy halloween garland
ʚ.........*windsong. ;tombstone yard decor
ʚ.........*windsong. ; wood sign of doom
ʚ.........<:*BoOgErS*:> Kitty play spider
ʚ..........S&S. Halloween Bucket - Pumpkin Patch  [RARE]

That's all! Yay! I'm so happy to finally have this out for everyone. I really hope your Halloween is amazing, and stay tuned tomorrow because I have a special little blog planned, featuring an amazing little shop!
xo, Riles.......

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