Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kaysha's World: Back To School

Kaysha's World
Back To School
Sep 2nd 2014, 21:46

Hello Everyone,
Happy September!
Just a short quick blog
The Owner of Dream On 
Set me her blogger pack
for Woodland. I decided 
To Blog it. I am inlove
I used to love these 
In real life and when I seen
her release these I got all excited
I paired them up with Cutie Cakes
She made these back to school Manicures
and I feel In Love...
I wearing one of the Rares
The rares you get three in one!
How you like them apples

Be sure to check out the Woodland Gatcha
They Also move and changed group
So make sure you update your Information

Outfit:{Petite Bowtique} Rosey Outfit Purple
Hair:[e] Wherever - Brown 08
Glasses:Madeleine's - Sadie Bow Glasses (Black)
Binders:Dream On ~Panda Trapper Keeper  - TD - Hold,Dream On ~London Trapper Keeper  - TD,Dream On ~Kitten Trapper Keeper   - TD,Dream On ~Dolphins Trapper Keeper  - TD
Nails:*CutieCakes* School Manicure RARE
Pose:.Forget Me Not. Munchkin_4

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*Kidz*Worldz*: Homework

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
Sep 2nd 2014, 19:39

Why must teachers insist on giving us homework? We work hard all day at school and the last thing we wanna do is think even more when we get home.

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Sassy Princess: {88}

Sassy Princess
Sep 2nd 2014, 17:33



Ohai everykiddo!! I’m back and ready to get back to blogging! Since I was gone for a few days, I went and did ALL the shopping. I bought so much from different events like All The Little Things where I got this really cute outfit featured today :D Once I saw it, I needed it. It’s so cute and girly and I LOVE lace! I paired this outfit with these cute Turducken boots which give it more of a country chic look :3 I also got this really cute cloud wall decor from Alouette  at Woodlands :3

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed putting this look together. ♥♥♥



❀ HAIR: Spellbound – Amber

❀ EYES: [AMITOMO] – Eyes01- Pastel Blue

❀ LASHES: Mon Cheri –  Falsies


❀ OUTFIT: That’s so {Kyoot} @ ATLT – Petunia

❀ BOOTS: Turducken – Cowboy boots




❀ WALL DECOR: Alouette @ Woodland- Cloud Wall Decor (GATCHA)

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Sweet Pepper: ✿36

Sweet Pepper
Sep 2nd 2014, 15:24

I'm always literally enchanted with the dresses from this store.  
 ::EB:: Hailey Outfit - ::Enchanted Bowtique::@Toddlerama ♥ TY 
And today I received two special visits that contributed to the post that beautiful dress get cuter.
The charming Min
The cute Fah
Thank you so much my sweets peppers!!!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Colour Me Kawaii: In Breaking News :O

Colour Me Kawaii
Latest Toddleedoo Fashion Seen From The Eyes Of A Glitter Addict <3
In Breaking News :O
Sep 1st 2014, 21:01



The new round of All The Little things is finally here and the theme is Limited Edition meaning after this round they will not be sold inside their stores :O so make sure you check out this round and I can tell you its totally worth it :D First off I will be talking about tiny buttons uber cute cloudy dress :D (the dress comes in different colors and patterns and is totally cute and OMG the lunch boxes from Tic Tot Toe are amazing the best part about it is and Late will customize it to the way you like… doesnt matter if its just for you, a friend, club, or what not just make sure once you purchase the voucher you follow the instructions that will be on the note card so please read, read, and read its fundamental lols plus the best part about it all is no one will have one just like you (unless yanno you order more then one of the same kind xD) next up are the super adorable owl nail art and panda necklaces from *Awwdorable* (which they do come in different colors but we all know I love pink lols) Last but not least are the adorable Business Tonic & Autumn outfits from {Lil Big Me} and who says you have to be grown up to wear business attire :D? Totally adorable outfits especially if you ever want to dress it up as a Mommy and Me day or if you ever wants to use your imagination and be the boss over all teddy bears :O lols but I will not ramble away today so as always <3 Peace, Love,and  Fashion Geeks <3



Left To Right:


Magika [01] Reading

IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel

[tb.] Spencer Clouds – All The Little Things 

[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
[PXL] OpenMouth Pro EXP: BabyTeeth



.ploom.. Lewna – Blondes

IKON Ascension Eyes – Blue

Apple May Designs -Eccentric Pencil -Freebie

[TTT] – Sailor Moon Lunchbox -Personalized- All The Little Things 

{Lil Big Me} Business Tunic Outfit- All The Little Things 

[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
[PXL] OpenMouth Pro EXP: BabyTeeth



[LOVE SOUL] Hair*131*Bitter Brown

ROLY-POLY]GlassEyes 4colorset (01~04)

*Awwdorable* Dressed Panda Necklace -All The Little Things 

{Lil Big Me} Autumn Skirt Outfit – All The Little Things 

[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
[PXL] OpenMouth Pro EXP: BabyTeeth

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Sassy Princess: {87}

Sassy Princess
Sep 1st 2014, 19:39




❀ HAIR: [INK] – FELTING BERET with curly hair

❀ EYES: [AMITOMO] – Eyes01- Pastel Blue

❀ LASHES: Mon Cheri –  Falsies


❀ OUTFIT: Lil Big Me – Laura Overalls



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*Kidz*Worldz*: First Day of School

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
First Day of School
Sep 1st 2014, 18:24

Even thought I had super fun this summer, I know that school must come and we must go to school. So I got my dinosaur backpack and all my supplies and we headed off to the first day of school.

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+Miniature Phashions+: + Everybody Wants to Rule the World +

+Miniature Phashions+
+ Everybody Wants to Rule the World +
Sep 1st 2014, 17:24

"Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you

Acting on your best behavior
Turn your back on Mother Nature
Everybody wants to rule the world

It's my own desire
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most of freedom
And of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world"
Nyah Is Wearing... 
Featured Store! <3
My Baby Style: Outfit Summers Light Pink
AD - 42 - light reds

The Essentials... 
.tsg. Hope B Tone
*Milk* Odd Beauty Freckles.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Petits Choux: What would I give.....ɞ

Petits Choux
Fashion, fun, and friendship from the smaller side of Second Life!
What would I give.....ɞ
Sep 1st 2014, 02:17


Happy Labour Day weekend! I hope your week has been amazing! I'm finally back from my RL vacation (RL? What's that dude?!) and when I just got back, Miss Kendal who is the blogger behind What A Doll You Are nominated basically everyone on plurk so here I am doing my bucket challenge and I nominate My mommy Lolita Oleander, Payton Oleander and the Zanzibar Family (Aunty & Uncle Z, Birdy and Abby) to do the challenge too! I will be donating (in rl) to the ALS cause as well!

As a tiny side note, this blog will feature 3 new hairs, 3 new outfits and a sneak peek and The Arcade sets from Boogers & Snips & Snails!

So I grabbed my bucket of ice and boooy is bucket chilly- by the way, mommy and daddy, this counts as 5 bath chores! So I'm good for at least a month and a half!

...... It's so cooooooold! Whyyyyyyyyy D:

Oh goodness..! D: Mommy & daddy I change to TWO months. *walks off shivering*

I'm sure you've noticed my bear friends! These are two of the bears from The Arcade opening September 1st! All of the bears are SO SO cute and it looks like there is literally something for everyone! Make sure you stop by that Boogers machine when you do The Arcade. Both hairs are from Argrace! The hair in the last two photos however are two separate hairs from Argrace! See what I did there?


Ruuuuun! RUUUUN! Don't you SEE them?! 
Anyone who knows me knows I'm scared of just about everything. Literally, I drop into a fetal position in haunted houses within the first 3 minutes of going in. SO this happening is literally my worst nightmare- if you're into scary stuff like Dracula and Frankenstein these bears from Boogers are perfect for you, also Halloween! This outfit is from Tiny Birds and perfect for running it's cozy and really gives me a lot of room to reallllyyy book it from these guys!

Thankfully, my amazing bear friend here saved me from those scaries- and of course, like any awesome Princess, I had to do a quick wardrobe change! I put on my brand new outfit from Little Nerds and out for Lazy Sunday- it's pastel and so so pretty. My awesome headband is from this past round of C88 and by LaGyo and it's resizable for us and I just looove it so so much! This hair is actually new from Catwa


For my last photo, I grabbed my super cute Fly Away bear from Boogers and a bunch of Balloons! But they were soooo heavy that they lifted us away! Eventually I had to let them go because phew, look how high we were! This outfit is from Two By Sea and brand new too and a definite must have- they come with adorable boots too!


For this last adorable set we have two sneak peek items from The Arcade by Snips & Snails! These are adooorable and perfect little cars/planes! They fit kids, toddleedoos and adults. They fit us all and super simply too. Just click the item and choose from the menu-easy as pie! Make sure you grab a few of these from that machine, it's a total must have too! I grabbed my amazing seastar (in other words my sister) Payton for this too- and we're both wearing one of the new dress from Turducken's latest release and the socks too! They're perfect and soo so cozy! Little note, my wonderful sister also is a blogger, make sure you check her blog out too and save it to your favourites; Bow Ties & Pinkie Toes!


That's it! Short and sweet but fullll of stuff! That's it for out 99th Blog! Stay tuned for the next blog- it's Petits Choux's 100th blog and I have SO much planned for it! It'll be out Thursday or Friday (There is a looot happening in it) and I cannot wait for you all to see it!

Outfit. Minuet- Ship Wheel - Bikini
Hair.1. *ARGRACE* KAORU - Dark Browns
Hair.2. *ARGRACE* NATSUME - Dark Browns
          *ARGRACE*  KAORU - Dark Browns
Props. <:*BoOgErS*:> Baby Bear*Arcade*
         <:*BoOgErS*:> Bathtime Bear*Arcade*
          PILOT - Bathtime [ Mermaid ] RARE
Poses. :: momentum :: ice bucket challenge

Outfit. [tb.] Spencer Clouds*New*
Hair. Analog Dog- mint cacao
Props. <:*BoOgErS*:> Frankenbear*Arcade*
         <:*BoOgErS*:> James Beartholomew Hook*Arcade*
         <:*BoOgErS*:> Titan Bear Boy*Arcade*
         <:*BoOgErS*:> Titan Bear Girl*Arcade*
         <:*BoOgErS*:> Count Bearcula*Arcade*

Outfit. [Little Nerds] Pastel  - Outfit*New*
Accessories. LaGyo_Metis headpiece Silver
Props. <:*BoOgErS*:> Skippy Bear*Arcade*
         .S&S. Zip-line RARE                 

Outfit. [TbS] Camille*New*
         Turducken ToddleeDoo- Sassy Outfit- Shoes
Hair. ""D!va"" Hair "Miu" (Type B)
Props. <:*BoOgErS*:> Fly Away Bear*Arcade*
Pose. {what next}Balloon Love Pose Set. Couple Pose 1.

Outfit. Turducken ToddleeDoo - Pointelle Socks - Cream*New*
         Turducken ToddleeDoo - Quinn Dress - Cream*New*
Hair. ""D!va"" Hair "Mimi" (Brown diamond) (Type B)
Props. .S&S. Retro Pedal Car - Powder Pink Plane RARE*Arcade*

Outfit. Turducken ToddleeDoo- Quinn Dress - Cyan*New*
         Turducken ToddleeDoo- Pointelle Socks - Peach*New*
         {lma} t-strap flats in chocolate               
HairMagika [01] Shimmer
Accessories. .Olive. the Winking at You Head Bow - Small
Props. .S&S. Retro Pedal Car - Pink Petal*Arcade*

Whether you stay up tonight, go to yard sales or go another day, I hope your Arcade hunting for everything you want is super successful! Good Luck and I'll see you in a few days for our 100th blog post! I leave you with a Little Mermaid song I chose for my seastar Payton!
xo, Riles.......

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ In a word.. cute! ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ In a word.. cute! ♥
Sep 1st 2014, 02:29

Okay, so this is my fourth and final post before The Arcade opens.. yes, I'm obsessed, I'm aware. I need help. lol

This amazingly adorable outfit is from Little Nerds. I think I look awesome.. I love the colours in this one, totally different from my usual shades. It was nice to wear something different for once.. and I think I rock it.

Loving these glasses from Tiny Trinkets too! They seemed to go nicely with the outfit and I love how I'm peering over them. 

Outfit: Cuteness Outfit - TD from Little Nerds
Shoes: Savannah Sandals White from Noodles
Glasses: "NymNym" Flower Glasses from Tiny Trinkets
Hair: Kiera - Blondes from Ploom
Bracelet: Starry Bracelet Glitter Ocean from Buglets
Necklace: Unicorn Horn Necklace from Atomic
Skin: Alice Snow from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Feeling Fruity Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable

Special thanks to Little Nerds, Tiny Trinkets and FreshFace

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Princess Army ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Princess Army ♥
Sep 1st 2014, 01:58

This outfit is courtesy of my newest sponsor Tiny Buttons and it's going to be available at All The Little Things event from tomorrow. The dresses come in various patterns.. but this one I'm wearing is the hearts pattern. I'm drawn to hearts for some reason. It's super cute and even comes with the little hair bows and braided sandals!

All of these awesome dollies are from Tiny Buttons too and will also be available tomorrow, but from Woodland Treasures Gatcha. Woah, so many events are starting tomorrow! You can hold the dollies if you like, such as the one I'm holding, or you can rez them and you too could create your own princess army.. they will take over Second Life! 

Outfit: Spencer Hearts from Tiny Buttons (All the little things)
Hair: Marin - Blondes from Wasabi Pills
Bracelet: Charm Ladybug from Petite Bowtique
Skin: Alice Snow from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Ladybugs RARE from CutieCakes
Dolls: All princess dollies from Tiny Buttons 

Special thanks to Tiny Buttons and FreshFace

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-Little Friends in SL-: Cotton Clouds 1

-Little Friends in SL-
Clothes, toys, poses, pets, special events for kids in SL.
Cotton Clouds 1
Sep 1st 2014, 01:24

This is the 1st part of the blog post,
tomorrow I´ll work in the 2nd part ...my sl mom is here, 
3 weeks without her is a lot!
so till tomorrow!! Nini!!!

Outfit: Lil Big Me @ [ATLT]- Autumn Skirt Outfit
includes: skirt, sandals, hair bow, tunic for baby and kid toddleedoo
Hair: ploom - Isa

Special thanks
Kaitlyn Admiral from Lil Big Me

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Ladybug Adventures ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Ladybug Adventures ♥
Sep 1st 2014, 01:06

I decided to dress up.. in an attempt to try to take my mind off The Arcade for a bit.. and what better way to do that than to dress up as a ladybug? Or a ladybird if you're in the UK like I am.. don't ask me why they call them birds, I really have no idea. 

Anyways... this adorable costume is from Viv.a! Kids. I love all the little details on it, the wings are super cute... so cute that I had to provide a view from the back too. I grabbed my fairy companion from Ohmai and we had us a little flying session in the forest clearing on our sim.

 Outfit: Ladybug Costume from Viv.a! Kids
Hair: Little [01] from Magika
Glasses: Ladybug Nerd Glasses Red from Tiddlywinks
Necklace: Tagged Necklace (Cute) from Cute Poison
Bracelet: Charm Ladybug from Petite Bowtique
Fairy: Lady Bug Fairy [Companion] from !Ohmai
Skin: Alice Snow from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Ladybugs RARE from CutieCakes
Pose: Bebe Fae 03 from Same Love

Special thanks to Viv.a! Kids and FreshFace

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Counting down the hours until The Arcade opens ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Counting down the hours until The Arcade opens ♥
Sep 1st 2014, 00:12

I'm super excited for The Arcade, so much so that I'm sitting here watching the clock.. counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds.. wondering if I'll pull an all-nighter to stay awake for it to open.. or whether I should get a couple of hours sleep and set an alarm to get up for it. I'm just so excited!

So.. I'm sitting here watching these awesome  Diver Clock Lamps from Plethora waiting patiently for it to open. These clocks are so epic, not only do they look ridiculously cute but they turn on and emit light with a simple click.. or a simple "rage-click" as the lovely owner of Plethora told us. They come in Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, White, Pink and Purple.. I'm sitting in front of all of them actually. Naturally pink is my fave one! They are 100 lindens each or 500 lindens for the entire pack.

Many thanks to Plethora for my amazing personalized mug. I love it. It has my name on it and my blog link.. I'm gonna have to remember to take a pic of it to show you all because it's so sweet. 

I'm wearing an adorable outfit from That's So Kyoot. I haven't blogged them for a while, been so busy blogging other stores.. but today when I went to cheerleading club I thought I needed a cute skirt outfit (as we don't yet have a uniform)

Anyway, I'm off to watch the clock some more.. and stare at my list of what I want from The Arcade longingly.

Outfit: Dee from That's So {Kyoot}
Hair: Lala - blondes from Truth
Necklace: Tagged Necklace (Cute) from Cute Poison
Skin: Alice Snow from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Owl nails - ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable (All the litte things)
Clocks: Diver Clock Lamp - Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, White, Pink and Purple from Plethora

Special thanks to Plethora and FreshFace

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