Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Little Ray Of Sunshine: Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die.

A Little Ray Of Sunshine
Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die.
May 27th 2015, 00:13


❀MOOD: Relaxed❀

So super adorable Star Wars looks thanks to Lazy Unicorn!  I was going to just blog two of the shirts but I really liked them all so I blogged 4 out of the 5! Enjoy! <3



SKIN: Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~

EYES 1: tsg. Galaxy – Dark Brown

EYES 2:  tsg. Galaxy – Light Brown

TEETH: {LPP} Missing Baby Teeth

LASHES: the kid company. lashes. natural. AND *MC*"Falsies" Eyelash

EYE BROWS Soiree Sloane Brows #Light Brown

HAIR 1: [LOVE SOUL] Hair*154*Bitter Brown

HAIR 2: “”D!va”” Hair “Mayumi3″ (Type B)


SHIRT 1: [LU] Starwars Sweater – 3 @ The Dreams Kids Event

SHIRT 2: [LU] Starwars Sweater – 2  @ The Dreams Kids Event

SHIRT 3: [LU] Starwars Sweater – 1  @ The Dreams Kids Event

SHIRT 4: [LU] Starwars Sweater – 4  @ The Dreams Kids Event

SHORTS 1: Turducken ToddleeDoo – Leona Shorts – White – Plain

SHORTS 2: ~Dream. Lacy Shorts – Fresh Milk

SHOES 1: Meche-Mary Janes w/ Socks – Baby Size @ Limited 50

SHOES 2: J's Short Boots Laceup (Black) R [LADY's] (You have to resize these ALOT because they are adult


BANDAIDS: [TTT] – Heart Band Aids @ Hello Beautiful

COLLAR: Turducken ToddleeDoo – Ide Dress – White – Collar

SOCKS: .dl. – cat stockings

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A Link Between Closets: "Free"

A Link Between Closets
May 26th 2015, 23:30

♥Click To Enlarge♥

♥Click To Enlarge♥

So I know it's a little late but I sorta got bit by the blogger bug and wanted to share this adorable post with you guys. So I didn't mention this in my last post but I'm so in love with the Mandala ears. You get three versions (human, pixie, and elf) that comes with so many designs, colors, and options. You can actually hide the earrings and pattern to leave them bare. The dress is from Mags <3 B which was from an event and I thought it was amazing and wanted to share it (even if the event might be over) don't kill me. The shoes are from Diva Shoes and omg like I said before so many colors and i'm like a sucker for playing with patterns and polka dots. So I kinda don't want to make this post so long so I hope you guys love this look. ♥Leah Remex

+Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal - Chantilly Wings

(Unisex)-[MANDALA]Steking-Ears-(Season 5) [x]

AG. Dazzling Eyes - Glass [x]

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Tori hair-Fatpack @The Shiny Shabby [x]

IF - Priss pot Lipsticks (Posh Pink) [x]

[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0 [x]

PUNCH - Cross Septum [x]

Diva's Danielle High Heels Purple Polka Dot [x]

Mag<3,B Purple Lace dress [x]

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LilAngelicDeviants: ❤Ɯαηтєɗ Ɗєαɗ Oя AƖινє❤

❤Ɯαηтєɗ Ɗєαɗ Oя AƖινє❤
May 26th 2015, 15:36

Soмeтιмe'ѕ I Sleep, Soмeтιмeѕ Iт'ѕ Noт For Dαyѕ
Tнe People I Meeт , Alwαy'ѕ Go Tнeιr Seperαтe Wαyѕ
Soмeтιмeѕ Yoυ Tell Tнe Dαy By Tнe Koolαιd 
Or Mιlĸ Boттle Tнαт Yoυ Drιɴĸ
Wнeɴ I'м Aloɴe All I Do Iѕ Tнιɴĸ .
I'м A Cowɢιrl , Oɴ A Plυѕнιe Horѕe I Rιde
Aɴd I'м Wαɴтed , Deαd Or Alιve.
Gιɢɢleѕ Sorry I'м Jυѕт Hαvιɴɢ Fυɴ Gooғιɴɢ Oғғ
Wιтн Tнιѕ Fυɴ New Rιdeαвleѕ Froм Lιттle Llαмα
Tнere Are Tнree Dιғғereɴт Kιɴdѕ, Horѕe, Cow, & Rαιɴвow
Tнere Iѕ Alѕo α Wαɴтed Poѕтer Wιтн 11 Dιғғereɴт Sιɢɴѕ
Yoυ Cαɴ Add Yoυr Owɴ Pнoтo To
Cooĸιe Sтeαlιɴɢ, Aɴтι- Veɢɢιeѕ , Glιттer Aѕѕαυlт , 
Gloвαl Doмιɴαтιoɴ,Meѕѕ Mαĸιɴɢ, Never Bαтнιɴɢ, 
Too Cυтe,Toy Flυѕнιɴɢ & Wαll Drαwιɴɢ .
All Oғ Wιcн Wιll Be Avαιlαвle @ Jυɴeѕ Roυɴd Oғ ATLT.
❤ Sтyle Noтeѕ  

Hαιr: Bαвy { Sαrαн Lιɢнт Bloɴdeѕ } Ɓαву❤  
Sĸιɴ: Glαм Aғғαιr { Lυɴα Jαмαcια 03 } C88 
Eyeѕ: Soɴɢ { Mιĸo Eyeѕ - Iced } Sσηg❤
Lαѕнeѕ: Mc { Fαlѕιeѕ Meѕн Alpнα Lαѕнeѕ } Mση Ƈнєяι❤
Rιɴɢ: Apнorιѕм { Tιɢerѕ Eye Rιɴɢ }!Aρнσяιѕм ❤
Brαceleт: Eαrтнѕтoɴeѕ { Cαyυѕe Tιɢerѕ Eye } Ɛαятнѕтσηєѕ❤
Oυтғιт: Heғғαlυмpѕ { Kαyde Wιтн Booтѕ & Hαт } Hєƒƒαℓυмρѕ ❤
Sтαw: STST { Cнewιɴ Sтrαw 3 Sιzeѕ } SƬSƬ❤
Horѕe: Lιттle Llαмα { Rιdeαвle Horѕe @ ATLT Jυɴe }AƬLƬ ❤
Poѕтer: Lιттle Llαмα { Wαɴтed Poѕтerѕ@ Jυɴeѕ ATLT }AƬLƬ ❤
Specιαl Tнαɴĸѕ
     Lιттℓє Lℓαмα & AƬLƬ 


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:PEKES: en SL: Back!!! I bring peace ♥

Tu blog en español
Back!!! I bring peace ♥
May 26th 2015, 10:55

Hair: .ploom. Bria - Monotone
Body: **Cute Bytes** ~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8)

Outfits: ToddleTeeZ - Lil Aliens Group Gift

 .click. poses & props

See ya ! 

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Evil SL Fashion Brat: Jammin on the Beach

Evil SL Fashion Brat
Jacee's Toddleedoo/Tweeneedoo Life
Jammin on the Beach
May 26th 2015, 07:55

Jammin on the beach

So after a space adventure today I felt like i needed to enjoy the sun, the beach and some good music. I put one of my favorite swimsuits on, my shades and put my hair up  Music is my life blood!

Navy swimsuit in green and pink is from Tiny Trinkets! This comes in different color options each one is just as cute as the other! This has a cute little bow on the butt to match your swimsuit! Love it!!!

My hair is Vanelope from ploom. Ever watch “Wreck it Ralph”?! Ssssooooo cute!

Rose Wreath Anklets are from Ez’s and has a color hud that changes the roses.

Fly Glasses are from *Fishy Strawberry*! It has a color change rims and lenses.

**And here are the regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in Passion – Ikon

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Evil SL Fashion Brat: Day in Space

Evil SL Fashion Brat
Jacee's Toddleedoo/Tweeneedoo Life
Day in Space
May 26th 2015, 00:37

Day in Space

So today I went into space and got to hang out at the apace station! There was a lot of people there. They grew plants and most of them did funny things on computers and they floated around in some places! That was the most fun!!

EH Baby has for sure brought creativity to the table in this round of Dream Kids Universe with their exclusive Payload Commander! I put this on and was like woah! Fly around and the jet pack emits particles that makes it seem soo real! This has got to be a must at Dream Kids, run down there and then go for your own space day before June 7th!! (Helmet, jet pack, boots, gloves and outfit!!)

**The regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in Passion – Ikon

*BABY* isabel pose 2

I found this actual space station and thought it was worth mentioning! It is open to the public and they have a lot to explore! I seriously didn’t make it through everything, so I will be back to check it out some more. It really looks like a massive space station! Go check it out HERE!!

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Evil SL Fashion Brat: My Tiger Watching You!

Evil SL Fashion Brat
Jacee's Toddleedoo/Tweeneedoo Life
My Tiger Watching You!
May 25th 2015, 21:59

My Lion Watchin You

So today i got a tiger for a pet! Yep I am a tiger trainer!! I made him jump through hoops of fire and stand on one foot and balance on his nose!! He is such a good tiger!

Rawr in white is from Glitter Junkie!! This also comes in black! Comes with the cat face and cat ears! SOOoo cute!! Also came with a meow gesture so you can really play kitty! LOVE love LOOOVVEE!!

My hair is from .Olive. and is called the Daisy Hair. I have the Crazy Glitter pack.

Regal Lion Companion was at the Fantasy Gacha Fair from Alchemy!

**And here are the regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in Passion – Ikon

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CuppyCakes and Candies: Happy Memorial Day

CuppyCakes and Candies
Happy Memorial Day
May 25th 2015, 19:13

I do not know your name-
Nor for which battle you died.
I do not know you're name,
Nor the tears that were cried.
I do not know where you rest-
Nor the promises broken.
I do not know you're uniform
And you're fears,
 They lay unspoken.
But, I know you're spirit exists-
That you're courage is admired,
And you're sacrifice is honored
By each soul that's inspired.
I offer you from my heart
Thank you;
To guardians unknown,
For offering yourselves for us all
That we may keep freedom...
Our home.

Written by Sherrie Ball

What We Are Wearing:

Current Group Gift

  Current Group Gift & Lucky Flower Gift

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Libby and Charlie: Chasing Rainbows and Fishies

Libby and Charlie
For Second Life Toddleedoo Kids
Chasing Rainbows and Fishies
May 25th 2015, 19:14

During my exploration of the new sim I saw something bright and mystical over my Auntys house...  So I went down the path and around the bend and saw.. a rainbow!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! I searched and searched for a pot of gold or even a leprechaun.. but to my luck no such thing. So instead I just stood and admired it 

What I am wearing

That's So {Kyoot} - Brylee ~ Red

Ploom - Madison ~ Blondes

Since I found no gold or leprechauns I went further on down the pathway and found some fishys! Well I didn't have much movement options in my long dress so I quickly changed into one of my new jumpers and hoped onto the rocks to look at the fishies.... Welp I am a total clutz and almost stepped right into the water.... Opps! 

What I am wearing

{Sugar Blossom} ~ Sarah Outfit in Damask 

{T.T}Tiny Trinkets ~ LALA Flats ~ I am wearing the Pink ones.. But they are also available in Mint, White and Sky!

Bracelet ~ {T.T}Tiny Trinkets ~ Elli bracelet

Hair ~ Magika ~ Reading [1]

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Rory in Wonderland: Pug Life

Rory in Wonderland
A Second Life Kid's Blog
Pug Life
May 25th 2015, 17:26

Soooo... imma super essited about today. It's gonna be a big day *dances around excitedly* and we's gonna haff lotsa fun. Keep an eye peeled for pictures on facebook. But we's going to go play dat Free Wilma adventure to celebrate and haff fun as a family. Weeee! So of course I hadda have a super cute outfit for it.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Head: **Cute Bytes** - Baby Mesh Head - KiKiKi
Hair: *Soonsiki~ Chloe
Shirt: Little Closet - Half Tucked Tee - Pug Life
Shorts: Little Closet - High Waisted Shorts - Bleached
Shoes: [Cakepop](MP) - Studded High Top Sneaker - Black
Pet: .Birdy. - Puggles {Unicorn} RARE
Glasses: Custom (for now xD)
Earrings: [RI] - Cutie Bear Earrings (Pink-Teal Bow)
Bracelet: Custom (a gift from mah mommy <3)
Ring 1: MG - Ring - Gigi Shimmer Bow
Ring 2: Noodles - Delicate Heart Ring Silver/Gold
Ring 3: Noodles - Royalty Crown Ring Pink Plated
Pose 1: Le Poppycock - Spoonful of diamonds
Pose 2: Le Poppycock - Feel it in my bones

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LilAngelicDeviants: ❤ cσυηтяу Sтяσηg ❤

❤ cσυηтяу Sтяσηg ❤
May 25th 2015, 15:59

Yoυ Mαy See Me Lιĸe Soмe Wιde Eyed Dreαмer
Tнαт Jυѕт Rolled Iɴ oɴ Soмe Dυѕтy Mιdweѕт Bυѕ
Yeαн, Oɴ Tнe Oυтѕιde I Looĸ Frαɢιle 
Bυт Oɴ Tнe Iɴѕιde Iѕ Soмeтнιɴɢ Yoυ Cαɴ'т Crυѕн.
I'м Coυɴтry Sтroɴɢ , Hαrd To Breαĸ 
Lιĸe Tнe Groυɴd I Grew Up Oɴ 
Yoυ Mαy Fool Me, Aɴd I'll Fαll
Bυт I Woɴ'т Sтαy Dowɴ Loɴɢ 
Pυѕн Me Iɴ α Corɴer & I'll Coмe Oυт Fιɢнтιɴɢ
I Mαy Loѕe Bυт I'll Alwαy'ѕ Keep My Fαιтн 
Cαυѕe I'м Coυɴтry Sтroɴɢ .
Tнιѕ Cιтy Gιrl Fιɴdιɴɢ Her Coυɴтry Rooтѕ 
Wιтн Tнeѕe Foυr New Oυтғιтѕ Froм Lιl Uɴιcorɴ 
Avαιlαвle Aт Jυɴe'ѕ Roυɴd Oғ ATLT 
Tнe Fιrѕт Two Oυтғιтѕ Feαтυred Are Cαlled
Soυтнerɴ Hιpѕтer Red & Soυтнerɴ Hιpѕтer Blυe.
Tнey Coмe Wιтн Sнιrт Wιтн Flαɴɴel , Pαɴтѕ, Cowвoy Booтѕ
Aɴd Loɴɢ Horɴ Necĸlαce .
Tнe Neхт Two Oυтғιтѕ Feαтυred Are Cαlled 
Soυтнerɴ Belle Neoɴ & Soυтнerɴ Belle Florαl.
Wιcн Feαтυreѕ Pιɴĸ Aɴd Wнιтe Florαl Dreѕѕ & Booтѕ
Aɴd Neoɴ Hαѕ Pιɴĸ & Wнιтe Dreѕѕ Wιтн Blυe Bow & Booтѕ.

    ❤ Sтyle Noтeѕ❤ 
Hαιr: Bαвy { Sαrαн Lιɢнт Bloɴdeѕ }Bαвy ❤
Sĸιɴ: Glαм Aғғαιr { Lυɴα @ Collвαr88 }C88
Eyeѕ: Rαɴdoм Mαттer { Aqυαтιc eyeѕ }Rαɴdoм Mαттer❤
Hαт: Arɢrαce { Cowвoy Hαт Wιтн Hυd } Arɢrαce ❤
Sтrαw: STS { Cнewιɴɢ Sтrαw 3 Sιzeѕ } SƬS ❤
Necĸlαce: Lιl Uɴιcorɴ { Loɴɢ Horɴ Necĸlαce }ATLT Jυɴe❤
Oυтғιт 1: Lιl Uɴιcorɴ { Soυтнerɴ Hιpѕтer Red }ATLT Jυɴe❤
Oυтғιт 2: Lιl Uɴιcorɴ { Soυтнerɴ Hιpѕтer Blυe }ATLT Jυɴe❤
Oυтғιт 3: Lιl Uɴιcorɴ { Soυтнerɴ Belle Florαl }ATLT Jυɴe❤
Oυтғιт 4: Lιl Uɴιcorɴ { Soυтнerɴ Belle Neoɴ }ATLT Jυɴe❤
Poѕe: Glιттerαтι { Feɴce Poѕт w/ Poѕeѕ } Glιттerαтι ❤
  Specιαl Tнαɴĸѕ 
       Lιℓ Uηιcσяη & AƬLƬ
     ❤ Sρσηcєяѕ


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A Link Between Closets: So Much Time

A Link Between Closets
So Much Time
May 25th 2015, 15:36

♥Click To Enlarge♥
Hey everyone I know its been a while since I posted and well ... I'm back! I decided I needed a little break and a whole lot of family time. So I am back with an outfit aimed towards the kemono body. I really love the kemono maid dress. You get a hud with at least 25 colors that lets you customize your outfit with color options to your liking. The dress also includes breast sizes ranging from small, medium, and large which aren't overly done in my opinion. The stockings ... once you buy them you will have the urge to wear them every time. I hardly take them off unless I take off my kemono body. You get three texture colors (pink, black, and white) and the bows. The super cute watches are from boogers and can be found at the kawaii project. Once clicked the face starts a cute little animation and stops once clicked again. The paper diamond curtains are also from boogers and can be found at the shiny shabby event. The curtain comes in a set of three (that's pretty cool). The piercing is from PUNCH and has a hud included. I think its pretty amazing you don't have to take off the piercings or keep clicking through colors you get a hud that does all the work for you (high five lols). I know I'm probably rambling but I hope you guys enjoyed the look.

<:*BoOgErS*:> RAWRtch - Glitter [x] @The Kawaii Project (May 15,2015- June 10,2015)

<:*BoOgErS*:> RAWRtch - Light Blue [x] @The Kawaii Project

<:*BoOgErS*:> RAWRtch  -Strawberry [x] @The Kawaii Project

<UTILIZATOR> - Kemono v1.13.20 [x]

<UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head [x]

<:*BoOgErS*:> Paper Diamond Curtain 1 [x] @Shiny Shabby Event (May 20, 2015 - June 15,2015)

<:*BoOgErS*:> Paper Diamond Curtain 3 [x] @Shiny Shabby Event

(Unisex)-[MANDALA]Steking-Ears-(Season 5) [x]

.::POMF::. M3 Head/Kemono Head - Baby Eyes [x]

.ploom. Sharla - Browns [x]

PUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings I [x]

<Nocciola> M3 Skin-Yume +Kemono body [x]

Rei's Stuff - Heels for Kemono Humanfeet [x]

<Nocciola> Kemono Lace Knee sock texture mod + Ribbon [x]

Kemono Maid Dress [x]

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CuppyCakes and Candies: Down the Pipes...

CuppyCakes and Candies
Down the Pipes...
May 25th 2015, 14:38

Mario is red..

Luigi is green..

Please press start to join.

And be my player two!

Player two if you start to win,

I might just have to saber you!

Once Upon a Toy Box Gacha
@ The Sidewalk Event

[OUAT] Mario Bros Mushroom Chair green

Hurry Darth & Obi will be gone soon!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evil SL Fashion Brat: Bow Store

Evil SL Fashion Brat
Jacee's Toddleedoo/Tweeneedoo Life
Bow Store
May 25th 2015, 06:42

Bow Store

My oh my do I love bows! My new bow store that daisy helped me put together is soo pretty! i just loove making bows! Do you need one? We have all colors all sizes!!

Hope you guys have seen that minie mouse cartoon where she has a bow store or this may not make sense! haha but we kids have a great imagination don’t we?!

Mousey Baby outfit is from Glitter Junkie! This is seriously a must buy for everyone that loves mickey or minnie mouse! It comes with the outfit, headband and pacifier! My first reaction was oh mahh goshh!!!

My hair is Isa from ploom.

**And here are the regulars from me**
Head – KiKiKi – Cute Bytes
Body – Baby Girl – Cute Bytes
Skin – Pretty Pixie in Tan – Bad Seed
eyes – Promise eyes in Passion – Ikon

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