Sunday, May 3, 2015

Libby and Charlie: Rawrrrr!!!

Libby and Charlie
For Second Life Toddleedoo Kids
May 3rd 2015, 09:24

RAWR! Did we scare ya? 

If you didn't know, Sugar Blossom is at the Bro I Gatcha Event this month! SB came out with these cute dinosaur outfits. There is many to choose from but I love the green one and Libby loved her rainbow one! We found that these outfits were perfect go to exploring in. If something dangerous and big comes along, we can pretend to be dinosaurs and ta-da! No more danger! That's how it works, right? 

I told Libby to look tough cause we were dinosaurs...but...yeah....sisters

::SB:: Dino Onesie B Green - Bro I Gatcha Event - Open Now
Pose: .Flutter. Cool Boy Set

::SB:: Dino Onesie B Rainbow - Bro I Gatcha Event - Open Now
Pose: .Flutter. ~ Pretty Girl 4 & .Flutter. ~ Cute Girl  3'


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CuppyCakes and Candies: Let It Be...

CuppyCakes and Candies
Let It Be...
May 3rd 2015, 07:17

And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be
I wake up to the sound of music,
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

What I'm Wearing:

Includes Sunglasses, Necklace, Shirt, Pants, Belt, and Sandals



Available at Shiny Shabby April 2015

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Evil Fashion Brat: Dino Life!

Evil Fashion Brat
Jacee's World
Dino Life!
May 3rd 2015, 05:53

Dino Life

Hat – Tic TOT Toe – Dino hat gacha @ Bro I Gacha
Hair – Soonsiki – Bambi
Head – Cute Bytes – KiKiKi
Body – Cute Bytes – Baby Girl
Hoodie – bop! & [Spaz] — Dino Hoodie @ Bro I Gacha
Pants – Purretes – Rainbow Pants
Shoes – [T.D.] Toddleedoo Sneakers White

Annomis – funny pack
BABY – TD – fierce

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Rory in Wonderland: Sweeter Than Sugar

Rory in Wonderland
A Second Life Kid's Blog
Sweeter Than Sugar
May 3rd 2015, 04:27

Okay, more stuff from da mudpie ebent! Dere was jus sooo much cute stuff, I couldn't stop mahself. I fink I spent all mah 'llowance here. Which isn't good cuz dere are sooooo many new ebents dat jus opened yesserday. Oh, and dis car? So fast! Daddy was gettin mad ana telling me to slow down... he also may have yelled ober da engine for me not to run ober mah sisser *giggles*


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: L'Anguisette -  Beach Glass Eyes - Waves
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: Maitreya - Jordyn
Top: [LU] - Cupcake Sweater - Green (@ MudPie Event*NEW*
Pants: {LT} - Skinny Jeans - Faided White
Shoes: SK's - Cupcake Sneakers Pink (@ MudPie Event*NEW*
Pet: { S&S } - Sweet Llama - Berry Blue (@ MudPie Event*NEW*
Car: [LU] - Drift Car Yellow (@ MudPie Event*NEW*
Pose: Kirin - Aiko Pose 1

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-Little Friends in SL-: Petite

-Little Friends in SL-
Clothes, toys, poses, pets, special events for kids in SL.
May 3rd 2015, 02:50

Hello Beautiful! is open so you need to check for all of the amazing
designers have for this edition.

...I'm wearing...
Outfit: {LPP} - Petit Fleur l Pink
Hair: {Babysteps} @ Hello Beautiful! - Addyline Hair -Blondes 
Eyes: :*BABY*: @ Hello Beautiful!  Lovable Eyes - Style F
available in 6 different colors and sizes
Purse:  *Awwdorable* @ Hello Beautiful! - Hearts Satchel with Hold Pose (Right Shoulder)
Earrings: ~*Buglets*~ @ Hello Beautiful! - Bella Earring [Silver-Tourmaline] 
Nail Polish: *Awwdorable*@ Hello Beautiful! - Rainbow Glitter Stripe ToddleeDoo HUD 
Shoes: {T.T} @ All The Little Things - Bliss Rose- BABY 
Band aids: [TTT] @ Hello Beautiful! - Teddy Bear Band Aids

Mirror: .snaphappy. @ Hello Beautiful! - Pretty Baby Mirror Vintage RARE
Basket: [CGH] @ Creators Collection Box 2 Akebia Basket (Natural)

Special thanks : 
Aryiana from {Babysteps}
Caco Nexen from [CGH] 
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Kaci Soderstrom from *Awwdorable* 
Elli Kenin from *Buglets*
Late Billig from [TTT]  
Evelyn from * Baby*
Skyler Solano from snaphappy

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Fun and Mirrors ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Fun and Mirrors ♥
May 3rd 2015, 01:16

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well in your worlds. I'm currently in a blind panic in real life; trying to get everything ship shape for when my fiancee returns tomorrow (or rather today, since it's gone midnight here now) He wasn't supposed to be back for a couple more days, so I'm running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything just so. I'm currently on a break from cleaning and tidying, so I figured now would be the perfect time to do a post. 

First up there's these two adorable new items from Aphrodite. A play gym, called "The tree of life" it's much like the one I blogged previously - it's just a different style.. see the other post here: What a Hoot
The other item from Aphrodite is an adorable rocking owl. It has a few different animations built into it and it actually rocks! Very cute! I'm hoping Aphrodite release some kitty stuff soon, because owls are cute and everything.. but I'm much more into kitties! Or pandas.. or unicorns.. or mermaids.. or you know.. all of those would be good! I am loving the quality of their furniture though.

I'm wearing the mesh head from Cute Bytes, "BELLINA", that's available at this round of Hello Beautiful for a promo price of 250L$. I've teamed it with an applier from Bad Seed Boutique, "Berty" in the peach tone, which is also at Hello Beautiful right now. I think this head and skin combination looks pretty cute!

I have on adorable ears again from Tikkels, these too are at Hello Beautiful right now. These ones are chocolate dipped! Yum! They are HUD operated so you can match up your skin without much hassle and you can even change the colour of your earrings. Bonus! If the chocolate dipped ones aren't your thing, in my last post I showed off the sprinkle ones.. which are adorable too. I'm also wearing a face tattoo for mesh heads from Tikkels. It's really pretty and sparkly, grab yours at this round of Hello Beautiful.

I have on a very pretty headband from Buglets, "Janie Headband", which comes in lots of different colours. I'm wearing the blue (sky) coloured one to match my awesome outfit from Bad Seed Boutique.

The eyes I have on are called "Lovable Eyes" and I have on style C. They are from *BABY* and are available in lots of other colours at Hello Beautiful right now. I just happened to like this particular colour.. I gravitate towards lighter ones and blue tones. 
My nails are from Enchanted Bowtique are also at Hello Beautiful (you noticing a theme here yet?) and are called "Sakura nails" - they come in many different colours. Aren't they pretty?

Finally this mirror.. from snaphappy poses, available at.. you guessed it, Hello Beautiful. I blogged it before.. but today I'm showing off one of the commons which is the sky tone. It's perfect for making faces with your new mesh heads in. I had a little too much fun pulling faces in it. 

As usual, full credits after the pictures.. please click the images to view them larger. Don't forget you can follow me on flickr here: Kaci's Flickr Feed

Happy shopping everyone! ♥

 Outfit: MoMo/Teal from Bad Seed Boutique
Hair: Mandy Hair - Blonde from Sweet Thing
Hairband: Janie Headband [Sky] from Buglets 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Necklace: Animal Necklace Kids 'Blue Panda' from Bokeh
Ring: Candy Ring - Blue Raspberry from Minuet
Ring: Dianity Tiara Ring - Blue from Yummy
Ring: Fierce Heart Ring - Blue from Goth1c0
Phone: Keitati Smart Phone - Beary-san Baby Blue from tsg
Head: Baby Mesh Head #3 - BELLINA from Cute Bytes 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Skin: Berty/Peach applier from Bad Seed Boutique 
Face tattoo for mesh heads: Sparkly Tattoo from Tikkels 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Ears: Elf Ears Chocolate Tip from Tikkels 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Eyes: Lovable Eyes - Style C from *BABY* 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Mirror: Pretty Baby Mirror Sky from snaphappy poses 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Play Gym: "The tree of life" Play gym for babies & kids from Aphrodite
Rocking owl: "My Sweet Baby Owl" - Riding Owl from Aphrodite

Special thanks to Aphrodite, Cute Bytes, Bad Seed Boutique

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Libby and Charlie: Ahoy!

Libby and Charlie
For Second Life Toddleedoo Kids
May 3rd 2015, 00:23

Pixiestix gacha opened today and to celebrate that, I present to you my collection of whales, octopus, turtles, and dolphins from SprinklyWinks, available here

We recently just moved to Honeybriar so I had the awesome job of packing up my toys and moving them into my new room ( should see Libby's room..PINK). So I unpacked all of my toys from their boxes and put them all in my room and as you can see in the background, I got a lot of toys and that's only half the room! SprinklyWinks sent me a big box the next morning and when I opened it, I saw these cute guys! They're animted with 8 different poses, too! They're more naptime buddies that I can use when my dinosaur ones are in the washing machine! 

Look how cute they are!

Did you notice somethin?! I lost a tooth! Momma said that the fairy lady is gonna come and give me something for it, but why? why you want me tooth!

Only 10 of my pals in this picture! The rest were chilling at the front

Here are some poses that I was able to take pictures of! I love 'em all!

Shirt: Mikanto - Exterminate!
Shorts: Mikanto - Cargo Grey 
Shoes: [Cakepop] - Studded High Top Sneakers - Powder Blue

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*Kidz*Worldz*: Are You A Dino?

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
Are You A Dino?
May 2nd 2015, 20:30

You ever wonder what it was like being a dinosaur?

Read more »

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*Kidz*Worldz*: Painter

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
May 2nd 2015, 20:28

When I grow up I wanna make cartoons and paint funny pictures.

Read more »

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*Kidz*Worldz*: Family of Dinosaurs

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
Family of Dinosaurs
May 2nd 2015, 19:46

Share a comon interest with your family members. For us its Dinosaurs!

Read more »

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*Kidz*Worldz*: Puddle Jumping

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
Puddle Jumping
May 2nd 2015, 19:45

Weither it has just rained or is raining now, its always fun to go outside in your new pair of rainboots and jump in the puddles.

Read more »

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*Kidz*Worldz*: Sneaky Sneaky

Blog for the Secondlife Kidz community.
Sneaky Sneaky
May 2nd 2015, 19:44

Be sneaky and find a way to get into your grandpa or dads breifcase so you can go to work with him!

Read more »

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Libby and Charlie: Lions and Tigers and.. PANDAS!

Libby and Charlie
For Second Life Toddleedoo Kids
Lions and Tigers and.. PANDAS!
May 2nd 2015, 09:19

Today on my daily adventures I came across the Oasis Zoo which had a large verity of animals. Some of which are my favorite... Pandas!!! Which was quite fitting considering my outfit of choice for the day *giggles*.  I stopped to watch them for a while and watched in wonder as one of the pandas got onto a horse spring and started riding it! Of course I had to stop and pose in front of another having his daily meal. I absolutely adore pandas.... Don't you?

What I am wearing:

Koala Kisses ~ Panda Dumpling ( Baby Size ) - Outfit comes with adorable leggings and boots

.Ploom. ~ Madison Blondes

{T.T}Tiny Trinkets ~ Beautiful Princess necklace - No longer available for purchase, however, you should still visit the in-world store where you will find a treasure trove of cuteness.

* Nails - Turducken Nails for TD - available at this months May round of .::Hello Beautiful::.

McKidz Dancing Panda Headphones

Here are some more pictures of these hilarious pandas.. enjoy!

* Hysterical giggles viewing this picture again*

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+Miniature Phashions+: + Girls Aint Nothin but Trouble +

+Miniature Phashions+
+ Girls Aint Nothin but Trouble +
May 2nd 2015, 15:23

"Listen homeboys don't mean to bust your bubble
But girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
So next time a girl gives you the play
Just remember my rhyme and get the hell away

Just last week when I was walking down the street
I observed this lovely lady that I wanted to meet
I walked up to her I said hello
She said you're kind of cute I said yes I know...

But by the way sweetheart what's your name
She said my friends like to call me exotic Elaine
I said my name is the Prince and she said why
I said well I don't know I'm just a hell of a guy

But enough about me yo let's talk about you
And all the wonderful things that you and I can do
I popped some cash and in a little bit of time
I showed some cash and the girl was mine
I took her over town I wined her and dined her
And she ask me did I like her I said well kinda..."

Nyah is Wearing…
.tiptoes – Makin Messes Fit

The Essentials...
.::H.O.H.:: Krazy Crissy Curls (Hair does not come with base or ballies)
.::H.O.H.:: Dilli Hair Balls

[high.v] Art Major Décor @ All The Lil Things
Artist stool
Canvas and table with paint and poses

Paint brush (holdable)


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