Friday, July 25, 2014

Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Love ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Love ♥
Jul 25th 2014, 11:39

"Love" is what my awesome hoodie from Minuet says.. and is also how I feel about this outfit I put together. I absolutely adore these floral jeans from Turducken.. I saw them and I knew instantly that I had to have them.. then it just became a matter of styling around them. How'd I do?

How awesome is this new hair from Truth too? It's super cute and fits ToddleeDoo so well. I love that the bow has a colour change hud and you can even take it off if you don't want it on.

Top: Love Pullovers - Greys - KID & BABY from Minuet
Pants: ToddleeDoo - Jeans - Floral - Black from Turducken
Shoes: Supa HighTops Ruf Black from Baby Swag
Hair: Lala - blondes from Truth Hair
Necklace: Animal Necklace Kids 'Gray Wolf' Gacha from Bokeh
Bracelet: Peace sign bracelet from trinket
Ring: Pandoo Ring - Black from [tea.s]
Phone: Keitai Flip Phone - Beary-san White from tsg (the sugar garden)
Bunny: Cuddle Bunny - Marshmallow RARE from Little Closet
Skin: Alice Natural from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Tropical Nails - Toddleedoo from Awwdorable (Coming soon)
Pose: Sweet - Sweet 3 from .click.

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Sweet Baby ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Sweet Baby ♥
Jul 25th 2014, 10:46

Hey everyone,

I have an outfit from Foox Kids to show you today. It comes in two colours, this pink one and a green design. I'll be honest, this outfit isn't really my style.. rarely do I wear prim clothing and the prim attachments on this particular one aren't editable so it didn't fit me as well as it could have. I'm a bit of a chubby baby, so the prim part around my belly doesn't actually fit.. I had to move it forward.. but if you're a smaller baby and this outfit suits your style, then go forth and be a "Sweet Baby" ♥

Outfit: Set of Clothes Pink Lucy from Foox Kids
Hair: Leighann - Blondes from Elikatira
Skin: Alice Natural from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Tropical Nails - Toddleedoo from Awwdorable (Coming soon)
Pose: Gentle - Gentle 2 from .click.

Special thanks to Estelah Breen of Foox Kids

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Petits Choux: I know you get me, so I let my walls come down....ɞ

Petits Choux
- Fashion, fun, and friendship from the smaller side of Second Life! -
I know you get me, so I let my walls come down....ɞ
Jul 25th 2014, 01:54

Happy Thursday! I'm back from camp and I hope you had the mos spectacular week ever! I know I did <3 So i have a small blog today, 2 outfits, 2 hairs and a cute set I've been meaning to blog for a bit now! Check it out....


So Pita Pocket put out this adorable little cottage/playhouse set not long ago! It's an insanely cute set and if you know me, then you know I'm all about the flowers and the pastels and the pretty. I have a thing for all things pretty. That's exactly what this cottage is. So, it is a gacha and you can collect all the pieces, which I have here....

So this is the insane of the cute little place. I absolutely adore the hanging purses, they're just so perfect and the wall around behind the table is equally as perfect, it's actually something I'm wanting to put on my bedroom wall! I love what ti stands for and I love birds.

To the left of it all, there is actually a ladder you can go up with a cute little loft area and it has a cute little sleeping area!


.....and here I am! Like my outfit? It's from Little Big Me and it's just perfect. I love how floral it is, and soft and just really pretty and it has little shorts under it! The headband comes with it! Both sets (the outfit and the cottage) are absolute must haves this summer! Go grab them!


For my final look I have on one of Minuet's Limited 50 outfits! I like how this is something I'd see MOST girls actually wearing. I'm big on realism! It's one of two outfits that came in the pack, I hope you gt one too!

For my hairs today, they're from Elikatira! The first one is from an older release but we can wear it! This second one is a brand new one AND I snuck in yesterday and hairs were on sale- the stores 9th birthday happened! I hope it's going on still so you can grab your copies of YOUR favourite hairs too! Hurry! Go grab them fast!

ʚ.Look #1
[e] Malia - Brunettes
{Lil Big Me} Payton Outfit
:Curio: Ember-Makeup 1-Pearl
{PiPo} Little Sweet Pea Cottage & Acessories

ʚ.Look #2
[e] Bevin - Essentials
Minuet - Valerie Dress Limited 50
Turducken- Sassy Shoes
:Curio: Ember-Makeup 1-Pearl

That's it! I'm having a Darren Criss kind of day so I'm going to leave you with the ever so talented Darren! I hope you found what you needed and I hope this blogged helped! I'll be working on my second decor post ever- so stayed tuned!
xo, Riles.....ɞ

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Kaysha's World: Dots

Kaysha's World
Jul 24th 2014, 17:45

Hello Friends
Happy Thursday!
Sorry I been slacking on blogging!
I forget sometimes.
Nothing changed. 
Summer camp over
miss it tons 
but glad to be home.
I blogging this cute outfit from 
Baby Pie!
Perfect for the summer.
Dont forget {e} hair 
is having a 99L hair sale
I dont know HOW long it will be
But she has put out some cute stuff
Be Sure to check it out


Outfit:*Baby Pie* Baylee Toddleedoo Complete Outfit
Hair:[e] Leighann
Skin:Winter Ravens : Lila Skin 1.0
Mesh Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8)
Teeth:[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0 Sassy 3

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Little Lily's Closet: Gacha Gacha !

Little Lily's Closet
Gacha Gacha !
Jul 24th 2014, 08:14

 whooo I worked pretty hard on these gacha benches and chairs! The benches are for a 3 person family and small chairs meant for a child to sit on. all animatuions are adjustable  of course 
the rares are the benches each one has a theme to it Notional, fruity, beach, and flowers. Want to try it out see if it fits your family ? there is a demo at the never land event so bring the family and take a seat :) 75L a play collect them all <3
here is a pic of my little and my big and my husband relaxing !

Here is your TP to the event

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Rumpus Diaries: A well dressed Sailor

The Rumpus Diaries
A well dressed Sailor
Jul 24th 2014, 01:35

I've never been on a boat but if I ever am I imagine this is how I would dress. Nails done up and everything. Never know when you need to look good out on the open sea.

Awwdorable has released 2 new nail packs while we were at camp. "Drippy Nails" & "Cupcake Nails". Both HUDs come with multiple colors to choose from so matching to any outfit is easy. As you can see above I managed to use both for the same outfit. Go pick them up at Awwdorable now!


*Nails: Awwdorable - "Cupcake Nails" & "Drippy Nails"
*Ring: Moon Amore - Realeza Rings MIDNIGHT (Gacha)
*Bracelet: Trinket - Nautical Hand Stamped Bracelet (Unsure...did not see out at store)
*Outfit: Baby Pie - Bow Gauchos Navy
*Sandals: Noodles - Anchors Away Sandals
*Skin: Curio - Pearl Gigi Makeup 5 Brunette
*Hair: D!va - Tomoko2 Type A Garnet
*Freckles: Moon Amore - FrecklesMania High Intensity

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Lets Play Dress Up!: Water Gun Battle!

Lets Play Dress Up!
Water Gun Battle!
Jul 23rd 2014, 20:44

Put your hands up or prepare to get soaked! I had so much fun doing this post with my Mom on her little. (She is on the left) We geared up for a little water fun with Thats so Kyoot swimsuits and .Des Lunes super soakers found at Woodland Treasures! Hurry though Woodlands is only here till the end of the month so grab them while u can. Same goes for these awesome floaties from Lil Big Me but they aren't at Woodland they are at Family Flea market. I have a water war to win and more fun to be had. Hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I did!

Outfit on me(right hand side)
Hair: Magika [Hair Un-rigged] Little
Bathing Suit: That's So {Kyoot} - Bikini 02 [Boxed] RARE @ Woodlands
Sandals: Amala - Jellies - Left - Precious Lilac RARE (was @ Omgacha please check store)
Water Gun: .dl. // Super Soak 5000 [bubblegum] @ Woodland
Floaties: {LBM} Floaties - Hippy Rare @ Family Flea Market
Board on Back: *Tentacio* Beach seasson body board green  (was @ Omgacha please check store)
Pose: .:Shutterbugs:. Lil Angels

 ***Shiny will be posting her outfit details soon so keep an eye out by clicking HERE***

Sand Buckets: Tentacio beach seasson. play bucket green & pink (was @ Omgacha please check store)
Green Floaties: {LBM} Floaties - Lime @ Family Flea Market
Bag: Tentacio beach seasson. tote pink (was @ Omgacha please check store)

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Down the rabbit hole ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Down the rabbit hole ♥
Jul 23rd 2014, 11:31

I love dressing up in costumes and things.. it's such good fun! 

So when I saw that Viv.a! Kids had an Alice in Wonderland costume I already had a setup in mind for a picture and was really pleased with the outcome. Look how cute this little costume is! 

Viv.a! Kids have a few different costumes to pick from too, not just Alice. I wish more stores did costumes.. there's something fun about playing dress up I think.

Outfit: Alice Costume from Viv.a! Kids
Hair: the Darla Hair from Olive (Hair Fair July 2014)
Bracelet: Hand stamped braceelt - dream silver from .trinket.
Ring: Firece Heart Ring - Blue from Goth1c0
Necklace: Alice Wonderland Necklace from Buglets
Nom: Alice Nom Nom from Figgis Construction
Skin: Alice Natural from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Blue from CutieCakes
Pose: Fairy Tale Magic Gacha 2 from .click.

Special thanks to Viv.a! Kids

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

-Little Friends in SL-: Cupcakes!!

-Little Friends in SL-
Clothes, toys, poses, pets, special events for kids in SL.
Jul 23rd 2014, 05:17

 Kawaii cupcake lunchbox available @ the mainstore (gatcha)

This is the group gift, available also with the fatpack
join the group

Outfit: Synco Inc. @ Fresh Style - Cupcake fatpack
has 8 different colors to choose, cupcake hat has different funny faces 
includes: cupcake hat, shorts, flip flops, top
Hair: Magika - Sweet
You can fin this Cupcake fatpack at 150L and making them also available to purchase separately for 49L
each. All except version 8 which is now only available if you are a group member or if you purchase the fatpack as it´s options are available on the HUD.

Available since July 23
Fresh Style (website) is a sales room event that does a new round every 2 weeks. 
Prices range from 45L to 150L.

Special thanks 
Synsational Difference

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Lets Play Dress Up!: Backyard Fun

Lets Play Dress Up!
Backyard Fun
Jul 22nd 2014, 18:36

 I am enjoying the outdoors right now and looking cute while I am at it :) I love this outfit from Blossom. It comes with these shoes too which are just adorable! I went around to different events and found some really cute pets and some yummy refreshments. And what good is some backyard fun without a sprinkler near by to cool you off when the sun gets to be too much.. You can get your very own Elefun Sprinkler from Tic Tot Toe. With just a click on the nose it turns on and off :) I have lots of blogging to do this week because there is just so much awesomeness to share. See you all soon!

Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Buttons 2 w side bangs (Not Rigged)
Skin: {FreshFace Kido} Alice Snow
Freckles: [okkbye] Summer Freckles - Subtle - Covered @ The Season Story
Outfit: .The Blossom. Halcyon outfit
Bottle: AMITOMO.Summer Tumbler #I'm Happy
Shoulder Pet: +H-Dr+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat - Rainbow Unicorn (Shoulder) RARE @ The Seasons Story
Flying Pet: *MishMish* Candy Fluffz - Purkle @ The Dreamers Factory
Lollipop: .tsg. Lollipop Love - Watermelon *mouthie*
Necklace: R(S)W Eatable Candy Necklace for Kids
Hair Candy: Sprout. Hair Candy (not available at the moment)
Pose: Glitterburps ~ Little Miss 1
Sprinkler: [TTT] - Elefun Water Sprinkler

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Monday, July 21, 2014

-Little Friends in SL-: Beautiful day!

-Little Friends in SL-
Clothes, toys, poses, pets, special events for kids in SL.
Beautiful day!
Jul 22nd 2014, 03:27

Top: Minuet @ Woodland Gatcha - Meg Top - Blue & White - Baby
Shorts: Minuet  Mainstore - Blue - Belted shorts Neutrals baby 
Hair: .ploom. @ Hair Fair 2014 Brunette - Honey 
Sandals - Little Closet @ Woodland Gatcha - Little Boho Sandals Cocoa

Special thanks
Lauren Minuet

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-Little Friends in SL-: Outdoors!

-Little Friends in SL-
Clothes, toys, poses, pets, special events for kids in SL.
Jul 22nd 2014, 01:51

These are 3 different outfits, so you can choose your favorite!!

Lana Outfit - Pink

 Lana Outfit - Cat

Outfit: Viv.A! Kids - Lana Outfit - Black
Hair: Elikatira - Bevin

Special thanks
Lorena  Mosely

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Unicorn Tea Party ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Unicorn Tea Party ♥
Jul 21st 2014, 11:16

How cute is this little outfit from Baby Pie? It comes with a sparkly unicorn horn too. Love it!

My main feature of this post though are these awesome mesh Cuppa Shelves from Plethora. How awesome are they? Being British and an excessive tea drinker, these appeal. They're cute, bright and cheap! Only 50 lindens for the entire set! They are modifiable and copiable too, so you can have any sort of arrangement you like.. and at 1 land impact each you can hardly grumble at that, can you?! You can find them here: Shop Free*Style

I went a bit overboard decorating for this picture, but I had a blast doing it.. as usual all credits can be found underneath. Happy shopping!

Outfit: Courtney Unicorn Toddleedoo Complete Outfit from Baby Pie
Hair: the Darla Hair - HUD 1 from Olive (Hair Fair July 2014)
Necklace: Unicorn Horn Necklace from Atomic
Bracelet: Unicorn Charm Bracelet from Buglets
Skin: Alice Natural from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Sweet Treats Nails from Awwdorable
Pose: Cheerful - Cheerful 1 from .click.

In background:
Cuppa Shelves from Plethora @
Shop Free*Style
Pink, yellow, blue, green and purple 
(5 in set) (1 land impact each)(Mod/copy)
Bears left to right: Curious Bear, Walker Bear RARE, Chosen Bear RARE, Angry Bear, Sleepy Bear, Wear-A-Bear Hang Tan,  MakeUp Sale Bear, Eugene Bear, Henry Bear, Sad Panda Black - all from BoOgErS (The Arcade)
Left piggy: McCheesy the Pig from Little Closet
Ballerina: Mowie ballerina from Tentacio
Unicorn left: Story Book - Unicorn - Rainbow - RARE from Birdy/Alchemy
Dragon: Allegory - Dragon Plush from Silentsparrow
Right unicorn: Uni-ee! for Displaying from Silentsparrow
Right piggy: Wiggly Lil' Piggy from Intrigue Co.

Special thanks to Plethora

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

-Little Friends in SL-: Traviesa!

-Little Friends in SL-
Clothes, toys, poses, pets, special events for kids in SL.
Jul 21st 2014, 01:41

dress and boots
Hair: Lil Olive @ Hair Fair 2014 Blonde - Darla 
the good news: works only for Toddleedoo!!! yay!!!

Video: Five little monkeys

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Just a couple of weirdos ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Just a couple of weirdos ♥
Jul 20th 2014, 13:00

Friendship is awesome.. especially long lasting ones and ones where you relate to the other person in a way no other person could understand. I feel this when I talk to my friend Zoi, owner of Heffalumps (formally ZoZo's) - We have been through a lot together and we share some real life stuff too which makes our friendship extra special. I feel like I can tell her anything and I hope she feels the same way.

So, when I got these shirts from Tic Tot Toe to blog, I knew there was only one friend I could call on to make this picture as awesome as it is.. Zoi! She awesomely agreed to pose with me.. we're both equally as weird as each other and that's what makes us so awesome and perfect for these weirdo tees! I've laughed with her, I've cried with her, I've overshared so much and I've almost wet myself from laughing with her too.

We've been in families together, three to be exact.. and although they always fell through.. our friendship got stronger than ever. Nothing could break us.. even when people tried. Thanks for being a good friend to me, Zoi. Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not awesome.. ♥

 On me:
Shirt: Weirdo 1 Tee from Tic Tot Toe
Shorts: TD Tar Black Jeans Bermuda Short MESH from Soken Kids
Shoes: Onyx Sneakers- w/color hud from Snowflake Designs
Hair: Sweet [01] from Magika
Earbuds: TAPEMAN [Grass green] from Soy (July 2014 Kustom9)
Hat: Devil SnapBack: Light Green from COCORONI
Bear: Wear-A-Bear Green from BoOgErs (June 2014 Arcade)
Bracelet: Charm Lucky from Petite Bowtique
Bracelet 2: Eternity Bracelet rose brown from Izzie's
Ring: Fierce Heart Ring - Green from Goth1c0
Skin: Alice Natural from FreshFace
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes from Little Pixels
Nails: Cupcake Nails from Awwdorable
Hand poses from Cute Bytes

On Zoi:
Shirt: Weirdo 2 Tee from Tic Tot Toe
Jeans: Ashlie Jeans Boxers Combo MESH from Soken Kids
Sneakers: Lovely Sneakers DOTTY from *BABY*
Hair: Newreem [Blonde Pk] from !Ohmai Salon (Hair Fair July 2014)
Bracelet: Dream Bracelet - store gatcha from NACH
On head: Butterfly Starter Kit from Intrigue Co.
Nails: Sweet Treats from Awwdorable
Hand poses from Cute Bytes

Pose: 5-Popsciles from Heirloom

Special thanks to Tic Tot Toe, Soken Kids and FreshFace
and of course Zoi ♥ 

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