Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kaysha's World: Lil Circus Tents Has Hit The Circus Gacha!

Kaysha's World
Lil Circus Tents Has Hit The Circus Gacha!
Mar 6th 2015, 06:52

Hello Bloggers!
Happy Friday Everyone!
Seems like the days are flying 
by! Anyhow are you all broke from
all these events in March! I know I am
I been struggling to keep my lindens and It just
so hard! 
Have you heard of The Circus Gacha?
It a theme gacha event that has a bunch 
of awesome Designers! Be sure 
to check it out! Buglets is in 
the event! She made these adorable
tents that has 6 different poses 
you can choose from and TONS
of different colors!
So make sure you check it out
before It over!
Until Next time

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Candy] RARE

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Cherry]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Chocolate]

 Lil Circus Tent [Earth] RARE

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Forest]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Grape]
~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Lilac]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Mint]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Peach]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Rose]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Royal]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Sky]

Outfit:~*Buglets*~ TD Hope Pink
Hair:>TRUTH< Lulu - chocolate
Eyes:IKON Hope Eyes - Sky 
                                              Mesh Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8)
Teeth: Teeth:[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
Tents:1.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Candy] RARE 2.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Cherry] 3.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Chocolate] 4.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Earth] RARE 5.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Forest] 6.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Grape] 7.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Lilac] 8.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Mint] 9.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Peach] 10.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Rose] 11.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Royal] 12.~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent [Sky]
Pose: I used the poses in the tent :) 

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CuppyCakes and Candies: Flowers in her Hair

CuppyCakes and Candies
Flowers in her Hair
Mar 6th 2015, 05:42

"She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes."
                                                                                          ~ Arundhati Roy

What I am Wearing:

Snippet - Floral Delight
From the Sweet & Tart Hunt

Tiny Trinkets - Mulan Flower Accessories
Flower in Hair, Glasses & Nails
At Hello Beautiful - March


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OneWylde Blog: Follow the yellow brick road

OneWylde Blog
Follow the yellow brick road
Mar 6th 2015, 04:30

We all have our favorite movies as a child.  Personally i Loved wizard of Oz.  I had no idea that one day i could be one of the characters and look so darn cute.  All the way down to the animations in a basket even. Well, Im off to see the wizard.....

Available now at:

The Kaleidoscope Kids

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OneWylde Blog: I got smarticles!

OneWylde Blog
I got smarticles!
Mar 6th 2015, 01:30

Singing proudly.. "ABCDEFG HIJK....K....K.... ummmm OK I GIVE" OMG... you scared me again.  You know you are getting really good at that.  Maybe you can help me while your here.  See I amm suppose to be learning this thing the Alpahabet.  WHY?  ok let see if you can help me .  I thought since i had these really cool clothes from Royal Pains called PHI that it would help but well it did.  Im in style!. Does that count?  OMG COUNT.. I need to learn that too...

Available at:

Royal Pain   **HERE**

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chicdivan: believe

i'm devynnedivan a second life kid/adult avatar blogger.
Mar 5th 2015, 23:04

Wearing:Headpiece: Turducken ToddleeDoo - Flora Headpiece - Pink @ Hello Beautiful Hair:...

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Kaci's Keepsakes: ♥ Hello Beautiful - Round 5 - Part 5 ♥

Kaci's Keepsakes
♥ Second Life Blog ♥
♥ Hello Beautiful - Round 5 - Part 5 ♥
Mar 5th 2015, 21:57

In this post I shall be continuing showing off some more of the fabulous items available at this round of Hello Beautiful

Today I have gone for a casual fairy look.. my mummy described this look as a "hippy love child.." while my real life fiancee was like, "Oh cool, you're a hippy fairy!" So.. I guess that's what I am? Either way I like this look.. it's different.

I'm wearing a shape from Petite Bowtique, which you can find at Hello Beautiful. It's called "Luna" and there are three different sizes included.. which is perfect for growing up with. I am wearing the 2 year old shape. It's a pretty shape, even if it is a tiny bit taller than what I'm used to.

The face tattoo I'm wearing is from Purretes. There are many different ones to be acquired from a gatcha at Hello Beautiful. They all have a fantasy element to them.. so there's lots of different looks you can put together from them. I'm wearing "Fantasy Face 1" 

My long flowing locks are from Snowflake Designs, found at.. you guessed it.. Hello Beautiful. These are rigged mesh, specially for ToddleeDoo. They are in a gatcha too so you can get lots of different colours and swap and share with your friends.. or try your luck and get one of the rares. It has a flower on the side of the hair too, which is pretty cute.

Full credits of other things I'm wearing listed underneath the pictures. I'm wearing other things from Hello Beautiful too, but I've either blogged them before or a variation of.

Outfit: Wild Hearts Outfit from Flutters
Shoes: Platform MaryJanes/Kawaii from Bad Seed Boutique
Hair: SilverMist Hair blond from Snowflake Designs 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Necklace: Magic Dust Necklace - Beauty from ToddleTeeZ 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Wings: Pretty Fairy Wings - CYAN from *BABY* 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Bracelet: Classic Love Bracelet Silver from Noodles
Ring: Fierce Heart Ring - Blue from Goth1c0
Shape: Luna Shape from Petite Bowtique (Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Skin: Little Beauty - Peach from Bad Seed Boutique
Face Tattoo: Fantasy Face 1 from *Purretes* (Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Eyes: Pixie Dust Eyes-Cornflower from Bad Seed Boutique 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Stump: Spring Eternal - Tree Stump Chair - Starry 1 from Half Deer 
(The Arcade - March 2015)
Fountain: Spring Eternal - Mira Fountain - Pink from Half Deer 
(The Arcade - March 2015)
Pose: Cheerful - Cheerful 4 from .click.

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OneWylde Blog: Lucky Charm

OneWylde Blog
Lucky Charm
Mar 5th 2015, 21:05

It is just like two weeks away from St.  Patricks day. I dont have many green things but this is stylin. I can be a lil elf leprechaun.  With a top hat and of course the signature skull.  Wonder if that is my babysitters skull.  Were still looking for her ya know.  This is outfit is one of a kind and detailed with alot of thought.  There has been a change to the name of the store once Treahs Treasure  NOW
Lil Heathenz 

Available in Baby and Kid

Lil Heathenz  **HERE**

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OneWylde Blog: Puppy Love

OneWylde Blog
Puppy Love
Mar 5th 2015, 18:55

Ok I have fallen in love with a outfit.  Well they call it Puppy Love.  It came with a purse too!..  Good thing because i think i broke my piggy bank.  The details and the light colors just make this outfit all too cute..  Well you cant buy me love but with a puppy on it..  AWWW...

Available in baby and kid

 Purple leggins

Purple leggins

 Pink Leggins

Pink Leggins



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OneWylde Blog: Love you with OWL my heart

OneWylde Blog
Love you with OWL my heart
Mar 5th 2015, 19:03

Hoot hoot!  How do you day i love you in owl ?  I dont know!  But this outfit is so cute.  The owl is adorably just saying i love you with owl my heart!  Now this designer was having fun again and the creativity went for the goal and scored!  WTG!  Fun, cute, stylin, and well i think owl wear it often! 

Available in Baby and Kid

Little Diva   **HERE**
Marketplace  **HERE**

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OneWylde Blog: The Zombie got my babysitter so i ordered in

OneWylde Blog
The Zombie got my babysitter so i ordered in
Mar 5th 2015, 18:27

Wow these zombies are rough!  I looked around and my babysitter was GONE.  Well, i was hungry and i figured better order in.  HEY, I have to my strength up if they come after me.  But ya know i sure am finding alot of awesome Zombie stuff at this gatchya sale.  See you on the other side,,,,  Oh and if you see my babysitter she owes me money for that pizza ... JUST SAYIN

Available in baby and kid

Available now only at:
Bro I gatchya   **HERE**

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