Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lil Thug Princess:

Lil Thug Princess
Siera Viper (cece)
Feb 10th 2016, 17:14


  • Hair-Boon@Hairology-Lab.011
  • Headband-2pm-Sweet Candy (Gacha)
  • Lashes-Lovely Alien-Starry Eyelashes
  • Ears-Mandala~Steking Ears season5
  • Earrings-Buglets-Bella Earrings (Gacha)
  • Skin&Mouth-Vco~Hari
  • Necklace-Ryca-Triple Diamond
  • Bracelet-Ryca-Charm-DRP
  • Outfit-Lil Cathy's-Amalia~Comes in 6 versions
  • Shoes-BadSeed-Winged Platforms~Comes with a socks version too
  • Body-Cute Bytes-Toddledoo-Babygirl
  • Shape- I made it myself (custom)

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A Link Between Closets: Contemplating

A Link Between Closets
Feb 10th 2016, 16:41

♥Click To Enlarge♥

Hey hey lovelies how are you guys? I've been working with trying new angles (with photography) and so far I've been pretty happy with the outcome. Today I'm wearing things I found at fifty linden Friday and items I found while semi cleaning my inventory. The Astralia head piece and  mask are both pretty amazing. They both are resizable and both include a color changing hud. The mask I believe will work with anyone. I'm actually wearing the Catwa (Jessica) mesh head and if anything all I had to do was reduce the size. The Lana hair from Ayashi is super pretty. I love the unicorn attachment (which can be hidden with the hud). You have the options of changing all three parts of the horn (including the bow) to the colors of your liking. This hair is rigged so make sure to grab a demo. Next up is the super adorable Darling Dress from -Pixicat-. I love how she has sizes for the slink and maitreya body (it makes it soooo easy when wearing). Even then I had to alpha out a little part from the body but other than that it fit great. This dress is pretty dark (I lightened it in photoshop a bit). Last but not least are the leather gloves from RealEvil. This time around I actually alpha-ed out the gloves and left the rings. The gloves can be found at the shiny shabby event (today is the last day) but I just included the LM to the store because I'm pretty sure a lot of people will see this post late or probably cant make it to the event. In advance if you want these gloves you will need Slinks Causal or Elegant hands. Also Elegant and Elegant 1 hands are different hands and will not fit these gloves
(trust me I know). I hope you guys enjoyed the look, as always check out these awesome events and designers.♥Leah

Astralia - Cute Bones Headpiece {x}

Astralia - Max bones mask {x}

**RE** Bow Leather Gloves - {Slink Casual} {x}

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Lana hair-{Fatpack} {x}@WeLoveRp

-Pixicat- Darling.Dress  - Glitter  {black} {x}

Tunes: One of the best lullaby's shared with me ♥

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kymber's life in Pixels: Snack Time

Kymber's life in Pixels
RPing a 4 year old in Second life...these are my fashion adventures.
Snack Time
Feb 10th 2016, 02:02

As I am sure you are all aware, toddlers are a never ending bottomless pit when it comes to snacks.  Milk & Cookies are my favorite!  But I also love my Froot Loops thankfully [BOX] created this adorable snack holder for my loops!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  [elikatira]  Lena

Headband:  Magika   Group Gift

Glasses:  VCO  Zion Glasses

Outfit:  {Petite Bowtique}  Mila with Texture changing HUD with different sayings

Snack cup:  [BOX] at the Play Room  Fruit Loop Snack Cup 2

Pose:  .click.  Tude 4

Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the milk and cookies!  

❤♡❥ ,

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Kymber's life in Pixels: Lil Shopaholics Ella

Kymber's life in Pixels
RPing a 4 year old in Second life...these are my fashion adventures.
Lil Shopaholics Ella
Feb 10th 2016, 01:11

Lil Shopaholics is on a roll lately...another new release!  This new dress is called Ella and it comes in a number of colors, I really liked the teal. Comes in Brown, Purple, and Blue too!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Doe   Elfie

Glasses:  VCO   Zion Glasses

Necklace:  Tiny Trinkets  Giraffe Necklace 
No longer available previous Limited 50 item

Dress:  Lil Shopaholics  Ella Teal 
Comes with the little white shoes

Every now and then we need to stop and enjoy the world around us and I did that today on the sim I live on and found so much beauty while wearing my new dress!  If you have not checked out Lil Shopaholics you should do that today!


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Bows & Pinkie Toes: i'll sing you this lullaby ɞ

Bows & Pinkie Toes
i'll sing you this lullaby ɞ
Feb 9th 2016, 22:10

ʚOnesie {Petite Bowtique} Millie Onesies
ʚHair Doe: Katrin - Browns

hive // heart strings frame @ LTD on the 12th
hive // vintage shelf @ LTD on the 12th
hive // most favorite board @ LTD on the 12th
[ zerkalo ] True Love - Table @ Gacha Garden
[ zerkalo ] Love Wreath - Light
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Charmed Books
. offbeat . falling slowly gacha : beret01/BUNNY RARE
floorplan. photo frame
floorplan. wire fawn
brocante. throw rug
Fiasco - Valina Crib Pink
RazzBerry Inc. Bunny Moss Planter @ Chapter Four
[BOX] Chocolate Puffs Snack Cup RARE @ The Play Room
+Half-Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets - White
+Half-Deer+ Flower Stringlights - Curved
dust bunny . beaded lamp
dust bunny . book pile
dust bunny . pom pom blanket
dust bunny . poppy cottage . RARE

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Lil Thug Princess: I love you sooo big

Lil Thug Princess
Siera Viper (cece)
I love you sooo big
Feb 9th 2016, 20:01


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naughtycutefayce: to my secret valentine

Secondlife Fashion Blog
to my secret valentine
Feb 9th 2016, 17:08

I love you

Hair – Dura – Girl #55

Necklace – Tiny Trinkets – To the Moon

Dress – Tiny Trinkets – Mon Cherie @ Color Me Cute (available in Red and Pink) – Opens Feb 15th

Sign – Tiny Trinkets <3 u So Big – Group Gifty

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naughtycutefayce: Out for a walk

Secondlife Fashion Blog
Out for a walk
Feb 9th 2016, 16:27


Hair – Truth – Astrid

Dress – Lil Cathy’s – Valentine

Sandals – MuddPuddles – Closed Toe Leather Sandals

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naughtycutefayce: Wrong tune Dj!

Secondlife Fashion Blog
Wrong tune Dj!
Feb 9th 2016, 16:12

Play that tune

Hair- Truth – Magdalena

Headband – Dirty Stories – Love Head Chain

Necklace – Pomposity – Los Muertos Doll

Shirt – Duh. – LazyDay Outtie (comes with wrap version or plain tee)

Bracelets – Blitzed – Legacy cuffs

Rings – Izzie’s – Celestial Midi (resized unrigged to fit)

Pants – Plum – SkinKee Jeans V3

Boots – Reign/Flite – Devon Boots

Poses – p.o.s.e. – bla bla – set of 3 poses

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+Miniature Phashions+: + Funhouse +

+Miniature Phashions+
+ Funhouse +
Feb 9th 2016, 14:23

"I dance around this empty house
Tear us down
Throw you out
Screaming down the halls
Spinning all around and now we fall

Pictures framing up the past
Your taunting smirk behind the glass
This museum full of ash
Once a tickle
Now a rash

This used to be a fun house
But now it's full of evil clowns
It's time to start the countdown
I'm gonna burn it down, down, down..."

Nyah is Wearing... 
{MP} Pretty in Punk Gacha Items
40L's per play
2 Rares and 8 Commons that are equally epic! I like those odds

The Essentials... 
.::H.O.H.:: Shirly Curly Fro
[Dead Apples] Twinkle Eyes V1 - Cacao


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Lil Thug Princess: My Planter

Lil Thug Princess
Siera Viper (cece)
My Planter
Feb 9th 2016, 09:52


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