This is a collection of the SecondLife Kids (and Teens) Blogs!
Here you can browse easily and faster the latest updates for your second life style and keep informed about events, sales, freebies, hunts and whatever concerned your second youth ^^

If you wish to be a part of this platform with your blog check this Duties and Rules and introduce
yourself to us ^^
Feel free to contact Truli von Wegen (TruliSweet) and/ or Babe von Wegen (Babe Dotterkelch) 
directly inworld (please send a note card with informations based on the form below).
Rules & Duties:
. You need a Feed Service active for your blog.
. You have to post only items for kids, or allow us to keep just the posts marked with a certain label.

Being a SecondYouth Sponsor you can have you logo picture (or a sequences of pictures as your choice) with a link to your store slurl, directly on the top of Second Youth SideBar.

Rules & Duties:
.You are required to pay a montly fee of 1000L$. Once the time is expired you will be required to renew or leave.
.Only Family Friendly stores or events.

Fill this small application and, once the application will be processed, you will be contacted inworld where you can provide your images and landmark.


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